Ho Chi Minh City has an abundant cuisine with many delicious dishes made as well as on the side of the road as in a top-end restaurant.

Let’s see favourite foods in HCMC listed by One2Fly magazine:

1. “Bánh bèo” - bloating fern-shaped cake – Ben Thanh Market

"Bánh bèo" is a special cake. Its main ingredient is milled-rice powder. It is accompanied with ground shrimps, a little salad oil, fatty and sweet source made of fresh shrimp. Banh Beo is also a very popular nosh in Hue city.

This is a type of cake considered to be a speciality of Hue. When enjoying, do not forget to use with small bowl of sauce with acrid and sweet taste of chili.

2. Khanh Hoi snail sweet gruel

Like its name, the main ingredient of the dish is snail. Snail is cooked with sugar-candy, ginger, mushroom and other herbal remedies, which makes the dish strange and unique.

3. mixed girdle cake in district 10

In a corner in the sidewalk in District 10, there is a stall of mixed girdle cake that is always crowded. The ingredients for the dish here is not different from the ingredients in other places, but to mix a delicious plate of girdle cake is a secret. Eating a piece of the cake, you can feel the sour and sweet taste of green mango, the flavour of soup, dried beef and tiny shrimp…. All ingredients are blended in a perfect harmony.

4. Nguyen Thien Thuat sour rice noodle in district 3

A bowl of sour rice noodle consits of 6 main ingredients: rice noodle, sour soup, pickle, black bean garlic sauce, roasted peanuts and chilli sauce.

Rice noodle is make from rice flour, and sour soup. It takes three months to make black bean garlic sauce for this dish.

After mixing black bean garlic sauce, the noodle turn into yellow brown colour like the colour of honey. The noodle comes with peanuts, pig liver, lean and fat meat mixed, roasted duck, fried chinese sausage, pickle, herbs and sauce.

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