Family Friendly Travel for the Holiday Season


Almost synonymous with holiday is family. After all, it is our familial ties that require us to show up to our least favorite aunt's house and actually stay for more than 15 minutes. But most people are even vocally more appreciative of their families and seemingly more aware of their worth during the holidays. After working year round for the same people that drive you a little crazy, a little R& R wouldn't hurt anyone. We've got three of the top family destinations giving you ample reason to be jolly this season.
Maui, Hawaii is a top ranked tourist dream in the Pacific Ocean. Home to natural beauties like its famous Haleakala volcano that attracts visitors morning and night as the sun rises and sets, few travelers want to pass up a trip to Hawaii. From morning to night there is something happening here: fine dining and tours, parties and shows. Varied tastes and interests are welcome and there is something for everyone. Out to sea travelers can enjoy scuba diving, whale-watching, or simply take in the scene. Those interested in an active night life will not be disappointed either - clubs, parties, or just meeting up for drinks is a popular past-time as well.
Another exotic location families might consider on their journey to a memorable holiday, especially those with young children or tweens, is the Galapagos Islands. Dozens of species of birds and large turtles inhabit the islands, making it a haven for nature lovers, scientists, and children who love to learn about animals. The shapes of the islands are beautiful and the diverse wildlife will keep your camera busy. Enjoying beautiful climate throughout the year with only two seasons -- dry and hot, humid seasons with lots of rain-- travelers find the winter months perfect timing to enjoy the Galapagos Islands.Travelers who come in the winter will experience different animals and different animal behaviors than those at other times. December to May are perfect months for a trip to Galapagos.
Across the globe from is a land rich in history where ancient legends are just as real as modern fact - Egypt. Just as engaging for a family of any size or age, travelers can journey to Egypt for a different type of vacation. Visit tombs of powerful and wealthy kings that believed they could take their wealth and status with them to an afterlife, or cruise along the longest river in the world, the Nile. Remnants of the past are weaved into modern society for the Egyptians and they prefer it that way, proud and happy hosts of thousands of visitors every year.

Family travel presents unique challenges for travelers because the location has to be an environment that welcomes families and accommodates their special needs. But it also affords family-friendly destinations like the Galapagos Islands, Maui, and Egypt unique opportunities to provide entertainment, education, and excitement. These are perfect examples of places that should spark interest when planning your next family vacation - regardless of season. Considerboutique cruising as graduation gifts or for immediate family gatherings andgroup travel. Adventure, fun, and lifelong memories await.


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Comment by Peter Parker on December 27, 2010 at 5:55am

There are many places for family friendly travel, even near you. Mostly people don’t care to visit places around them or may underestimate it. IMO families should look around their towns or in neighbor, if there a places before in your surroundings that qualify for vacation destination, then you must go and visit it’s a cost effective idea.

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