An Extended Trip to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, & Papua New Guinea

My first was primarily Australia and New Zealand (five-plus months in 2016-2017). At this writing (September 2018. month five of my current trip) I am in Bali, Indonesia where I have been two weeks. I then go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the region, followed by Hanoi/Halong Bay, Vietnam and then Siem Riep, Cambodia for Angkor Wat.

I will then return to Australia where I started the first week of May (direct from Jamaica no less where I had been for a destination wedding that I planned, organized and booked at Secrets Resort.

Tasmania for three weeks was my 1st Australia stop, followed by two weeks in Melbourne, one week in Perth, and Margaret River in western Australia, and finally almost three months in Cairns, Queensland.

During my Cairns time I took a P&O cruise from Cairns to the Panasesa of the Conflict Islands of Papua New Guinea, as my 90-day visa was expiring.

Upon return from PNG I did a ten-day, 1,500-mile road trip south on the Pacific Coast Highway to Brisbane with lots of great things to see along the way, from eco-nature parks to Hervey Bay humpback whales up close and personal.

From Brisbane I flew to Bali (my 1st time here) and so far, so good.

Some links to my photos and videos so far:

All of my daily Twitter tweets and photos are here:
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