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In case you want to experience a unique adventure without the necessity of booking a lengthy vacation or holiday, then Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is your best destination. Weekend trips to Amsterdam are gaining popularity in the Western European countries and also among many travelers across the globe. Living in today's fast-paced society, individuals are no longer able to enjoy long vacations that last several weeks. However, we still want to slow things down and enjoy some time off work.

No one is going to be bored in Amsterdam because the city offers a vast array of cultural, historical and gastronomic adventures one can enjoy during your weekend vacations in Amsterdam. 


Unlike other metropolises, Amsterdam is devoid of traffic. This is in addition to the serenity and calmness of the magnificent city. Moving around the city on foot is among the pleasurable experiences that one should make sure to take part in. There are no restrictions as one look around the places of historical and architectural significance marvels of the town.

There are some paid walking tours around Amsterdam as well. English tours are available twice a day. A Spanish tour is also available. Therefore unless one has a particular physical disability, taking a walking tour of the city is entirely possible.

Walking is easy facilitated by the fact that a significant part of the town is flat despite some slight inclination exists at certain bridges. The furthest distance that anyone would cover is from the Central Station to the Museum District. This distance is about a half hour walk.

Public Transport

There is an excellent network of buses, trams, underground metros and car rental in Amsterdam. The trams are the best means of commutation for visitors because it is a relatively cheap mode of transportation and also because they are all managed by the same authority. The payment systems on the trams are similar too.


Numerous taxis are running in the city making it easy to get around the metropolitan area. The passengers board on the streets, though stopping is prohibited in most parts of the city center. Taxis are easily accessed from the designated taxi stands or stations. These stands are at Dam Square, Central Station, Rembrandtplein, Museumplein, and Leidseplein among several other locations. The taxi fare is constant for three passengers, but they charge extra for the fourth rider. They can also be booked via telephone.

Canal Cruises

Amsterdam is also lined with canals which form a semi-circular pattern. A canal cruise is an ideal way for sightseeing the town both during the day and in the night lights. One has a variety of canal cruises to select from. The cruises have themes that may be suitable for any person’s mood.

Although this is an expensive mode of transport, it offers an excellent opportunity to view the warehouses, merchant mansions, the city’s beautiful architecture and historical buildings from the water body.

A variety of dinner cruises are also available serving various types of cuisines and also host romantic candlelight dinners for the passengers. Therefore when you have extra time and need to relax and enjoy yourself while in a luxury restaurant environment, then canal cruises are the best choice for you.


Amsterdam is definitely a bicycling capital of Europe. In this city, one finds numerous bikers on the roads. Bicycle riding is a fun way of getting around the city while sightseeing. Bikes are quickly to rent, and one is able to join the fellow bikers and move around the town.

However, there are some disadvantages to bicycling. Firstly, bikers' lanes exist, and you do not want to offend the local people by violating any biking rules. Secondly, getting a parking space is a hard thing. This is probably not a preferable choice for your trip, but you should try bicycle riding to experience the joy of riding and exploring the beautiful city.

Choosing to take a night cruise to Amsterdam presents one with a unique opportunity to see Amsterdam in the dark with its beautifully lit streets and buildings. This is among the best modes of transportation in Amsterdam that offers romantic adventures that one can possibly experience. Also, several candlelit cruises offer the best bread, cheese, olives and wines in addition to the view of the beautiful city scenery.

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