Explore The Holy Land With Israel Group Tours

Small joys seem to multiply and big troubles vanish when you are in a group! And, the same holds true when you enjoy group tours. The cities and landmarks of Israel feature so widely in the holy books that people around the world flock in large numbers to see this “promised land” and if you are planning to visit the country with your friends then Israel group tours can be helpful. The biggest advantage of these group tours is that everything is pre-planned and arranged so that you do not need to worry about arranging transport at the airport or finding an accommodation. 

What’s more? The tour guides will take you to the main attractions of Israel without having to worry about transport or directions. The professional guides have a wealth of knowledge that he will share with you on the way and make your trip even more enjoyable. The itineraries usually include visiting the important cultural sites, institutions or organizations that are of interest. 

Youth group tours: 

The usually allow groups to choose from an array of tour packages based on the diverse interests and preferences of the travelers. For example, if you are a bunch of young teenagers then you may like to opt for a tour that shows you the main cultural sites and sports attractions. 

These group packages usually include outdoor adventure and activities such as beach sports, hiking, etc. This might also include exploring the literary arts, Israeli culture and environment. It might also include a short trip to Tel Aviv, Negev, Jerusalem, Galille, and the Judean Desert. The youngsters may also like to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Tel Aviv. 

Archeological tours: 

If your group is interested in digging the past and exploring the archeological ruins of the region then archeological tours may be the best option for you. The tour packages may include a visit to the numerous archeological sites including the Ashkelon, Beit Alfa, Carmel Caves, Tel Rehov, Tel Be'er Sheva, Beit She'arim, Tel Arad, Gesher Bnot Ya'akov, and Ain Mallaha to name a few. The archeological ruins in these popular sites tell tales of the ancient civilizations that once prospered here.

Religious groups: 

If you are traveling with people who share your faith and would like to visit mainly the religious sites in this holy land then we would suggest that you opt for the religious Israel group tours that will take you around the main religious areas in Jerusalem. The tour also includes educational and recreation activities to make this experience truly special for each individual!