Explore Myanmar/Burma's Unexplored Irrawaddy Delta

Myanmar (aka Burma) is changing fast and is now one of the "gotta-visit" places before it is too late.  Tourism is now booming and things are changing fast.  One are that is still of the radar of most tourist is the Irrawaddy Delta. Only Pandaw cruises can provide a comprehensive tour of the area.

The delta, which comprises nine main tributaries and a capillary system of smaller creeks and waterways, stretches over 10,000 square miles. Heavily populated, this water-logged maze has played a major part in Burmese history and in 2008 came to the world’s attention when struck by Cyclone Nargis.

This is a water world of rich ecological diversity, not to mention human endeavor. Not for nothing was it known in colonial times as ‘the rice basket of Asia’. The old Irrawaddy flotilla ran over one hundred vessels, known as creek steamers, in a complex web of operations that opened the area to cultivation and trading.

The delta towns are picturesque and the creeks are through filled with life, with every sort of water-borne craft busy about their business. Visit and island national park where it is said crocodiles are still to be found and spend time in the delta capital of Bassein, famed for its umbrella factories. The voyage also includes a visit to the beach at Ngwesaung for a swim and lunch.

There are only two seven-night reconnaissance expeditions in March 2018 on the slightly deeper draft Katha Pandaw, also the fastest ship in the Burma fleet. 

This area is far more diverse than the Mekong Delta, and there is virtually no tourism.  Visit newly opened region of Myanmar before everyone else does.



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