E-Bikes a Fun Travel Option for Families and Everyone


Young and old alike love bicycling - it's a fun and freewheeling way to get around in the fresh air, and a favorite of many families on weekends and vacations. It improves fitness (toning the lower half of the body as well as boosting metabolism and controlling weight), reduces stress, and helps strengthen bonds in quality time with friends and family.

Now with the arrival of the e-bicycle (electric-motor assisted) the exertion needed for pedaling has also been reduced, making it even easier and more enjoyable to go biking. And there's also now an increasingly wide range of models available, including some especially designed for children. In addition, an increasing number of destinations have e-bike rental companies as well as tour operators who guide groups along popular routes in town and country


What to Know Before Renting an E-Bike


For those who are new to e-bike rental, here are several things to consider:

Where will you be riding?  There are various models designed to be especially suited for different purposes and contexts. Some are perfectly suiting for hauling cargo and kids, while others are especially good for sand- and mud-biking, and yet others may perform better on snow and in the mountains.

Which drivetrain to choose? The two main choices are pedelec and twist-n-go. The former adjusts automatically to the pedaling power of the rider and adjusts the motor power to assist the rider to reduce stress based on the force, speed, and rate of pedaling. In pedelec bikes the average output is about 250 watts, and the maximum speed comes to around 16 miles per hour. Once on hitting the maximum speed, the motor will turn off automatically to save battery power. There are some advanced ebikes too reaches up to 28 mph speed, but riding those require driver's license and also insurance coverage. allow motor control to be regulated by the rider with the help of a switch or throttle control, so based on comfort level, the rider can adjust the control and speed up or down the ebike. It would be ideal to test drive both to see which works the best for you, as there are positives and negatives for both just like the automatic gear shift and manual transmission in cars you must watch it on own tv.

Which type of electric motor to choose?  Here, too, there are a pair of options. In hub-motor e-bikes, the electric motor is attached to one of its wheels, while crank motors are located beneath the bicycle frame. If your need is to get an electric bike which performs well on off-road trips and climbing steep hills, etc., then a crank assisted motor will be more suitable, even though it is a little bit noisy. But if you want to enjoy a quieter transport on flatter terrain, then you opt for hub-motor e-bikes - ideal for cities, for example (this type would be more of a struggle in less than flat terrain, however). Again, test drive and decide.


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