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Out with the old and in with my new routine.  Each week I have kindly let myself checkout those odd places that strike my curiosity.  I have the author of The Artist Way (Julia Cameron) to thank for these new found discovery walks.  What a great concept?  Lots of hidden gems right in my own backyard.  My recent find is a trendy little cafe, pardon me coffee house right around the corner from my home and B&B called Rooster Coffee House.  It been there open on Broadview Ave. (in Toronto) for months and I have walked by so many times.  Now it is like a drug.  When I reach the top of the valley at the end of my walk I think about that blueberry square and how much I would enjoy one.  So tasty, for once a treat that tastes like its ingredients.  Typical coffee shop sweet I guess, but in this case both the coffee and the pastry are tasty and extremely fresh.  The staff is friendly and welcoming.  I am always in shock on how full that little place is.  It makes me curious of their secret marketing ticket.  So the next time you’re in Riverdale you’ll have to listen and see if their blueberry square calls out to you. 

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