Discovering Thailand: Exotic and Very (Very) Welcoming

It goes without saying that Thailand is synonymous with culture, food and adventure. As one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, the beautiful country possesses a rich history, wonderfully friendly faces, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. James Ruggia, Contributor to Vacation Agent Magazine, talked about why taking a trip to the other side of the world is entirely worth every penny.


Bangkok, Thailand
Those who have visited the country can tell you it’s nothing like life in the states. But different in a good way. The Thai people are known to be friendly, delightfully hospitable and service-oriented. In fact, many point to their character for the great service that is offered in the country.

Moreover, aside from in-depth sightseeing, the article mentions travelers looking to immerse themselves in the Thai culture should look into taking a cooking class. An activity like this is fantastic way to capture the heart and soul of its inhabitants. Enriching oneself by eating some delicious Thai food in a fabulous city like, say, Bangkok? Count me in.

Thailand is also becoming very popular with honeymoons. Rather than visiting standard ol places like Hawaii, a vacation in Thailand offers something more exotic; something out of the ordinary. Another contributing factor is Thailand’s leading role as a as a spa and wellness destination. Not only is the quality top notch, but the affordable price doesn’t hurt. Speaking of which, Thailand is very budget-friendly. What can be better than that?
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Of course, when speaking of Thailand, one cannot forget to mention the country’s main attraction: the world-famous beach resorts. If you’re longing for some sun and sun in paradise, it is recommended to visit these tropical islands after exploring the country.

Needless to say, vacationers looking for a gratifying and well-rounded vacation can look no further than Thailand.

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Comment by David Lawrence on February 7, 2012 at 2:25pm

Bottom photo looks like primo snorekling reefs.

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