Different Safari Zones of Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is one of the homes for numbers of wild animals like wild boar, deer, Jungle cat, Leopard cat, Elephant, Tigers and many other animals. In low hilly regions, tourists get the opportunity to watch the activities of the Sloth Bear and in the higher hills Black Bears are found. Some of the major attractions of this national park apart from Tigers and Elephants are Gharials or crocodiles, Rhesus monkeys, Goat Antelopes etc. Jim Corbett National Park is known as an ideal place for the wild life lovers in order to have an exciting forest trails due to thick marshy riverine vegetation and also due to diversified species of wild life. Now we can say that Jim Corbett National Park has become the perfect destination for the nature lovers as well as for the wild life lovers. It is a place where you can enhance your experience by viewing the fauna and flora from your naked eyes. Here you will get the opportunity to speak with the birds, relax amidst the sea of grasses, ride on the back of big Asian Elephant and also to hear the roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Jim Corbett national Park is also famous for its safari rides. Most of the wild life lovers are interested in having Elephant safari which takes the visitors to the places which are not accessible by the jeeps, deep into the forest. Elephant safari ride is associated with trained mahouts. You can easily have a clear and safe view of the tiger from a height of about 10 feet. While doing elephant safari ride tourists get the opportunities to watch the activities of different animals in their natural habitat and that too very closely.

By Jeep Safari ride you will get a unique experience of coming across the herds of elephants along with the other wild life. If you want to enjoy comfortable and convenient safari ride then take the help of Online Safari Booking in Corbett.

There are four safari zones in Corbett National Park where you will get the opportunity to observe the activities of rare species. They are:

Jhirna Safari Zones

Bijrani Safari Zones

Durga Devi Safari zones

Dhikala Safari Zones

Dhikala Safari Zone is said to be one of the best safari zone of this national park. This zone is a perfect place to gather some thrilling experience of your life. Each of these zones is having its own importance and it is divided as per the required environment for the specific animal.

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