Dhow Cruise- An Experience of a Lifetime- Get the Best, Read Further To know how

The tourist attractions in Dubai are astounding and sensational. They depict beauty and charm, which is one of its kinds. The endless options available for tourists ranging from city tours, cruise, historical places, and skilling and adventure safaris are simply amazing. Dhow cruise is definitely one of the wonderful ways to enjoy your vacation. The moment you think of a cruise of this kind, the next words that cross your mind are:-

  • Romance
  • Class
  • Uniqueness
  • Fun

You may have explored plenty of other cruises, but Dhow cruise in Dubai is a thrilling and exciting experience.

The concept is gradually gaining fame. Those who plan a fun trip to Dubai make sure they experience this to the fullest. This is simple because you may be of any religion from any continent of the world, having extreme tastes and preferences - this cruise is ready to welcome you and provides you the best of facilities.

Indeed each and every corner of this member of emirate family, Dubai, is worth seeing and experiencing. It is a fact that people, who have already experienced this cruise, plan their birthday/ anniversary/ special events’ celebrations.

What is a dhow?

During primitive times, shells were used to make dhows. They were used to transport goods to different parts of the world. For instance India, Africa and several other countries were the destinations where dhows were taken for the exchange of fruits, spices and other such stuffs.

These days, they are known as mini or full yachts. Now, wood is used to make them.

Dinner Cruise

This is an exception. Dinner Dhow cruise is a beautiful way to experience class and grandeur. A moonlit night, spectacular view of the city, while you are almost in the middle of the sea, water all around you, and best of cuisine is served to you and real humble and hospitable environment. These are few things that you get to enjoy on the cruise and the experience is indeed very fascinating.

Other than food and magnificent view, there are a number of fun activities, you may engage yourself in. The following activities are organized for the guests on board:-

  • Karaoke
  • Dance
  • Many more such activities

Choose what you like and enjoy.


You can book from the place where dhows dispatch. It is recommended that, if you are visiting Dubai during peak season, it is better book in advance. This will help avoid confusion and stress.

Many visitors, who travel to Dubai, book the cruise even before they leave their country. This way, you get to experience a great time.

Very Unique

Once aboard, you will realize its exclusivity. The experience is unique and different. From awesome food to luxurious suites, with every corner speaking of grandeur, this is the kind of place where you need to plan your trip.

If you want to chill out in class and create memories, dhow cruise is highly recommended. 

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