Destination-Wedding-Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task; At times one may start with big plans but halfway through booking the location, making the arrangements, and planning the traveling arrangements, it might start feeling like a nightmare and harder that one could have imagined. There are many locations for a destination wedding; Lake Tahoe is a popular example.

There are many simple rules one can follow to avoid the unforeseen pitfalls of such a wedding.  Some of the common issues include budget, logistics, and other planning. This article explains how to avoid common mistakes while planning a wedding away from home.

  • It is important to make sure you overlook the guest invitations, since the people you invite will dictate the mood of the wedding day. Leaving it to someone else may mean you miss someone important or invite the wrong people. Other people may not share the same views and hence are likely to end up inviting people you do not like.
  • Making a guest list is not an easy task and at times, there is also a limit on the number of people you can invite. Inviting more people than on the list expecting a fixed number to RSVP that they are not coming, can be a mistake. It is always best to invite only as many you can and modify the list at a later date. The same applies if you are on a fixed budget as well.
  • One of the worst mistakes is picking the wrong destination. No matter what the destination; like domestic one or an international one it is necessary to consider all factors when selecting it. For example, you may opt for a Lake Tahoe wedding or one in Venice or the Caribbean; but if you fail first check the travel arrangements to the place, amenities, special requirements of the guest, food options; it may turn into a disaster. If the place is hard to get too the guest will be frustrated by the time they reach your destination or there are very few amenities available it may inconvenience some guests.
  • When opting for a destination wedding, it's necessary to consider the sunrise and sunset time at the location, especially if it's in a different time zone. Getting the timing wrong may mean not being able to take full advantage of the daylight hours.
  • Opting for a destination wedding like a Lake Tahoe wedding or one in Mexico may be a good alternative to a traditional wedding, but failure to check the local events coinciding with the big day can put your wedding plans in chaos. A nicely planned stress-free wedding and relaxing with guests can turn into a high-stress event.
  • Not considering local weather conditions can also spoil your perfect wedding plans.
  • Planning a Tahoe wedding, and simply including direction in the invitation without information about the destination or location can leave your guest unprepared. It is necessary to send location details along with travel options and location information when inviting guests for a destination wedding.
  • A destination wedding is about doing something different, a break from tradition - hence it is a good idea to set your priorities right and make sure you include everything you like.
  • A wedding is a good opportunity to show off your DIY skills. It is best to keep tabs on DIY tasks and leave most of the wedding tasks to the experts.
  • It is important to do a little research prior to a wedding; especially if it is a destination wedding. For example, if it is a Lake Tahoe wedding; spending some time in the place locally or researching the place remotely can help you determine the perfect vehicle you wish to hire for the wedding. It can also help you make sure you are playing the music of your choice, have the right champagne and floral arrangement, and have a skilled photographer to capture it all.

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