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Dubai is internationally reknowned as a glitzy, super-wealthy mecca on the Persian Gulf. But many visitors also enjoy an excursion out into the dunes surrounding the city for a taste of traditional desert life. And local tour operators have designed a variety of safaris - both day trips and overnighters - to appeal to the desires and needs of a wide variety of visitors:

Morning Desert Safari

This was for the people who do not have a whole day in Dubai and they still want to go on the thrilling desert safari. The safari includes sand bashing, sand ski and the best of all camel riding. The timings are from 8:30 in the morning to 11:30 morning. This one comes in both cheapest desert safari Dubai category and for higher priced one.


Evening Desert Safari

According to the Dubai desert safari reviews, this one is the most popular and preferred. The reason being the timings are genuine for all ages and that they get to see the best part of safari the mesmerizing sunset. This one includes, sunset photography, dune bashing, skiing, camel riding, barbeque dinner and beat of all the amazing belly dancing show.

Overnight desert safari

This one is generally preferred by the couples as this is the romantic hour and the whole nature is sizzling along with the campfire, the clear night sky full of stars. It starts at 4:00 in the evening till 9:00 in the morning. This one includes all that is offered in evening safari but beside that they get a stay overnight at the camp.

Dinner only

This one as the name suggest includes dune bashing and a desert barbequed dinner which is one of the best experience for the foodies. It starts from 7:00 in the evening to 10:00 at night.


Group Bookings

People who prefer cultural assimilation and people generally with a low budget have the best option of group bookings. The timings are 4:00 in the evening to 10:00 at night. This one includes everything except an overnight stay in camps. This one is basically carried by big bus hop-on, hop off desert safari.

Camel Safari

Camel safari is the most popular and preferred by all age groups. The experience is lively and worth having a tour on the hump of camel on the dunes. Desert safari Dubai cost per person is low in this one.

Quad Bike Safari

Best desert safari operator will make sure that the tourist have all the options which must not miss the amazing Quad bike Safari which is done on quad bikes under supervision of expert guides. This one is generally for sports lovers.

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