Desert Safari Tour Operator and Dubai Garden Trip Experience

A safari combines the enchanting image of a journey through the jungles and mountains. In the past safaris were done by foot, but nowadays safaris are often driven by 4 wheel driven cars. Desert Safari is definitely another variation of this old safari and just as exciting. Hatta Dubai especially saves Dubai city desert safaris, which basically travel through sand dunes.

The desert is actually a barren area built of small hills called sand and dunes. The peculiarity of these mounds is that they are not stable and manage to shift in the path of strong winds. Sandstorms are very common when walking in the desert and visibility can be zero at that time. Therefore you need a special 4 × 4 wheel vehicle. Tin Dubai Toyota Property Cruiser is generally very common. The vehicle is in the living room and does not get hot in the hot desert with AC. Early desert safaris were on camels - but it was in ancient times.

When you are in Dubai light garden, you can be guided on a desert safari with the Ompetine Tour operators there. All the tour operators who work on the Dubai Desert Safari stick together to establish the route and governance. You will always be picked up from your hotel or accommodation. It's every morning and you're part of the many six that travel with each other.

All vehicles are assembled at the starting point. As a rule, no vehicle is allowed into the desert. This is dangerous because a state of disorientation can cost you your life. Thus the whole fleet moves together. It is usually an exciting experience and the desert safari usually starts in the desert and turns into a camel farm. Then you can ride short on the camelride in desert safari. And observe how camels are raised.

The safari then goes ahead and takes one to the Bedouin camp. It's an amazing experience and you can see it as fast as living in the Bedouins - nomadic deserts. A Bedouin camp also includes an oasis and you can enjoy the cool water and romantic surroundings. Local girls will also apply exotic mehndi designs for you personally. These days Bedouin camps have all the basic amenities and you can improve yourself. Additionally, you will be served an exotic barbecue evening meal with Lebanese girls so that you can do belly dance to save time. Belly dance is the high point of the evening and sometimes even women from Mumbai can dress up for the show.

Belly dancing marks the end of a safari that takes 5 to 6 hours. These usually range from $ 50 to $ 50 to $ 65 per person. This price includes pickup and drop, food and refreshments with camel rides and henna and henna applications for foreign women. Overall it was a lovely walk.

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