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Enjoy a Historical Trip to Dallas, Texas

Whether you want to show the kids that learning can be fun, or you’re just a big history buff yourself, Dallas, Texas has what you’re looking for. Within a 1-hour drive from the DFW airport, exciting history is at your fingertips.

Dallas Heritage Village

Ever wondered what it was like to live in the late 19th and early 20th century? Only 26 minutes from the airport, take a trip back in time with this living history museum. See what daily life was like doing things such as making butter, creating crafts, visit a schoolhouse and general store. Have an interesting hand on experience by viewing artifacts and play games while having an educational experience with hosts dressed in old time costumes.

Bonnie and Clyde Grave Site

Almost everyone has heard of the infamous crime couple, Bonnie and Clyde. During the 1930’s they often robbed banks, grocery stores and gas stations, but additionally committed more than 10 murders to cover their tracks. The couple would often stop back into Dallas, their home town, to hide or visit family and friends. In addition to their graves, there are tours as well.

Grapevine Vintage Train Ride

Only a 30-minute drive and you will be in a small town called Grapevine, Texas. Get out of your car and jump on to a new mode of transportation, or should I say, old mode of transportation. You will have arrived at the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Dependent on the time of year they also offer themed rides such as the Jazz Wine Train a Christmas Wine train. Have fun with friends or family while enjoying a historical train ride.

Religious Landmarks

Within the art district of Dallas, there is a beautiful cathedral named Santuario de Guadalupe. This is the older catholic church and has the most visitors of all Catholic cathedrals in the United States! This was built in 1902 and is an incredible example of Gothic Revival architecture. There are over 100 stained glass windows to gaze at from the inside or outside. Even a non-religious person will enjoy the view of beautiful architecture and glass work.

Deep Ellum Hip & Historic Area

Deep Ellum is often known as the hip or “hipster” area to locals, but this area originally developed after the civil war as a residential and commercial neighborhood. In the early 1900’s, Deep Ellum was like how we think of Nashville now, but for blues musicians. People would come from all over the south and mid-west for a chance to play here. Iconic blues performers such as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Alex Moore and T-Bone Walker frequented this area of Dallas. If you or your family are officially burnt out on completely historical tours or activities, deep ellum is a great place to take a stroll. With tons of bars and restaurants, street art and street fairs, you will continue to find something around every corner to entertain while still in a historical district.

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