This is Universal truth that if you are not the hero of your own story then you are missing the whole point of humanity .... So be the hero of your own story and be a Global citizen .... 

           Well how to be the hero of your own story ... how to be a Global citizen ?? Well so ...  AIESEC provide you the platform to create your own story and be a global citizen ... . AIESEC is providing young students an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through international internships mainly on social issues which will help them enrich their education, challenge their worldview and help them gain a unique combination of multi cultural, social and entrepreneurial experience during the formative years of their lives. As a exchange participant the student have to work with International NGO ... along with Interns along  the globe....

   Am sure even you be like to create your own story .... As education is the most beautiful and powerful weapon you use to change the world ... as "TRAVELING" gives you unlimited and vast experience's ... teach you lots of stuff , build you for future , prepare you to stand in between of lots of peoples and share your thought's....  . Well the most amazing part of AIESEC is i liked is Social exchanges .... a very good way to explore the world in budget amount :P ... m sure everyone looking for the same thing to do ...

  Now what Benefit will you get as a "Global Citizen" ::

  • travel the beautiful developing countries in a very budget amount .
  • meet new and beautiful people around the world .
  • chance to work with a group of people around the world .
  • share your thought on international platform ... get to know their mind-set.
  • Opportunity to make a real impact on society.
  • Project work experience
  • Adaption to new living and working environment skills.
  • Personal strengths and weakness awareness.


  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Photography
  • Traveling
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Micro-finance
  • Social issues and many more


  • Including all above and
  • Information technology
  • Engineering
  • Marketing ... etc

Well AIESEC is a International organization present in 130+ countries and more then 2400 universities . The AIESEC experience will help you in International outlook and global network .. Being a pert of "Global citizen program" you will get exposure to our partners .... So what are you waiting for ?? Join now and change your story....

Can mail me for more information @ 

     WhatsApp # :- +91 9904560571

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