Celebrating 'Golden Week' in Tokyo with 1,000 Colorful 'Koinobori' Carp Streamers

Exciting Golden Week Related Festivals and Events (April 10– May 5) at TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN.

Japan celebrates Golden Week, a string of spring holidays, from April 10th's “Showa Day” to May 5 “Children’s Day.” This is a time for both locals and visitors to celebrate the mild, seasonal weather with festivals and events.  At TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, at the base of TOKYO SKYTREE -- the tallest free-standing tower in the world -- some of the most exciting Golden Week experiences await.

The TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN® Carp Streamer Festival 2021 is being held April 12-May 9 in commemoration of Children’s Day, featuring about 1000 Koinobori or carp streamers, “swimming in the sky” – one of the largest such displays in Tokyo!

This festival is in cooperation with 3 cities, Kazo City in Saitama Pref, Tatebayashi City in Gunma Pref and Kato CIty in Hyogo Pref, famous for Koinobori production in Japan.


TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN “Picnic Park" will offer seasonal meals and attractions, April 10-25, 11 am to 7 pm at the 4th Floor Sky Arena. Also included are fluffy playsets to climb on (some for a fee), ideal for families with young children, and views of the Koinobori.


TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN meets “Bread Festival 2021”

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN will host Japan's largest bread event "Bread Festival,” a festival for bread lovers! Thirty bakeries nationwide will showcase their bread at Sky Arena and other locations throughout the complex for five days only, May 1-5 or until each store sells out. This event began in 2016 in Yokohama, and to date they have served more than 900,000 customers.

CHIMERA: A Unique Urban Sports Experience – featuring bike runs, Double Dutch rope jumping, pogo stick activities, and more. These free experiences for children 3 & older, will be held on Sat., May 8th, 11: 00 am to 5 pm.

Kids Flea Market: A flea market only for children (1st -6th grades) will be held Sun., May 9th under the carp streamers swimming in the sky. Pre-schoolers can shop with their older siblings! This event hopes to teach children the fun of shopping and the value of money. Part 1: 11: 00 am -12: 00 noon. Part 2: 2:30-3:30 pm. At the TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN 4th floor Sky Arena.

*More events are being added, so check the Tokyo Solamachi website: https://www.tokyo-solamachi.jp/en/enjoy/

*Dates and contents of events are subject to change due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation.

*For more information on Tobu Railway destinations visit: https://www.tobu.co.jp/en/sightseeing/

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