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Why the Caribbean Should be First on Your Bucket List

While some people have the luxury of planning their next getaway after barely ending a wonderful week on the most incredible tropical island in the world, others only dream about reaching such a destination at least once in their lifetime. Even though financial status represents the main factor that separates these people into two different categories, they still have something in common. Decision-making becomes an impossible mission when there are so many unique locations waiting for tourists all over the world. If you are the type of person who creates wish lists, then you will find it very difficult to make a top of the most strikingly beautiful spots around the globe. The purpose of this article is to facilitate the job for you and inform you about several reasons that compel you to direct your attention towards the secret gems in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean has everything it takes to please any soul

From the natural scenery, luxury resorts and sunny beaches to the exciting water-based activities, the Caribbean becomes the ideal attraction for couples, families and bachelors altogether. Are you the type of person who prefers to relax on the beach while admiring the sunset? Do you like exploring off-the-beaten-path islands and going on adventures? Are you a professional swimmer? Is fishing your favorite recreational activity or you consider yourself an adrenaline seeker? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then wait no more because the Caribbean has everything you need. As mentioned above, there are many reasons to visit this tropical vacation spot, from the great weather, hospitable locals and white-sand beaches to colonial heritage, volcano adventures, shack food and the Caribbean Carnival.

Become familiar with the main spots preferred by tourists before going to the Caribbean

Obviously, before you even start planning your trip, you have to discover more about the main tourist attractions in the Caribbean that manage to captivate the interest of a multitude of people on other continents. The most renowned islands include Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Aruba, Turks and Caicos Islands, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Cayman Islands. With its delicious food, high-end resorts, rich local culture and music scene, Jamaica represents the perfect spot for any party enthusiast, but also for sightseers thanks to its forest waterfalls and historic homes. The natural beauty of St. Lucia has the power to charm any soul. While exploring this island, you will encounter clear blue waters, mystical terrains and green mountain peaks. In comparison to Jamaica, St. Lucia is more suitable for romantic getaways so all couples preparing for their honeymoon should consider this location.

Turks and Caicos vs. Dominican Republic: where would you go first?

If you choose to visit Turks and Caicos, then you should expect sublime scenery. including turquoise waters hiding numerous species of fish, making it ideal for beginners and professional anglers, white sand beaches and local eateries. Some of the most popular water-base activities that all tourists, but especially adrenaline fanatics seek in Turks and Caicos include snorkeling and deep sea diving. This amazing destination has amenities for those people who do not hesitate when it comes to waste money on simple pleasures and for those people who think about spending each cent responsibly. One thing is certain. Snorkeling trips in the Turks & Caicos Islands are unforgettable.

The Dominican Republic is the ideal location for all budgets. The relaxed vibe, intriguing culture and interesting history can make you forget about all responsibilities back home and learn how to live in the moment. Whether you live in the United States or other country, due to the six international airports, you have the possibility to reach this perfect destination in the blink of an eye. St. Martin and Aruba represent other inviting locations that you simply cannot miss.

Don't focus your attention solely on popular islands; explore the lesser known ones, too

If you are looking for excellent diving conditions, then Cayman Islands is the location you need. From exploring the forest hiking route and the turtle farm to discovering hidden gems, you will definitely lose track of time while diving into a deep state of relaxation. Whether snorkeling boat trips attract you the most or stunning beaches match your tastes better, in Cayman Islands you will discover perfection. Though technically not the Caribbean, the Bahamas is usually grouped with the region. Its approximately 30 islands offer a versatile menu including shopping in the largest centers ever seen, spending precious time on secluded beaches and gambling in buzzy casinos. Resisting the local appeal of the Bahamas is almost impossible.

Finally and importantly, apart from the locations approached in this article, you should know that you have the chance to discover other Caribbean islands that you may never heard of before, such as Dominica (no, this is not the Dominican Republic), Barbuda, Saba, Nevis, and Mustique.

Truly a lifetime's worth of experiences!

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