Arrival in the afternoon at the Douala International airport
Overnight to Le Meridien hotel (4*)

DAY 2: 
Breakfast and continue to Buea going through the colonial rubber and banana plantations. Arrival in
Buea, we visit the old German colonial governor‘s residence standing majestically at the foot of mount
Cameroon, from this same port we would have a very clear view of the mountain. Then a stop at the
tole tea factory, continuation to Limbe,departure to the seaside resort town – Limbe – with a mild and
temperate climate. Arrival in Limbe and visit of the Botanical Garden. Its dense varied flora constitutes a curiosity to be discovered at all cost. Visit to the Limbe Zoo whose role is the long term conservation of endangered wildlife species. Wildlife species are made up of primates such as Drills and many other species, including reptiles, crocodiles, continue visit the town of Idenau and the Bakingili Lava deposit in the afternoon. Sunbathing, leisure activities.
Dinner and night Atlantic Beach Hotel 

 Day 3

After Breakfast Pick up for Melong , drive to Melong continue to the Ekom – Nkam waterfall which is about 80 m high which has served as a decor in a certain film scenes, Tarzan. Take pictures and return to Melong town.
Check into a hotel dinner and overnight in Melong. Kleber lodge

DAY 4:
Pickup after breakfast, drive to Manengouba arrival and drive up to the summit, this mountain has a beautiful plain that is surrounded by an undulating chain of hills inhabited by the sedentary nomads locally called Fulani who uses the area for grazing their cattle and wild horses. Trek down to the lakes and take some pictures and listen to the mystery of the lakes, where no leaf from the the trees surrounding the lakes is found in the lakes.
After our picnic lunch, takeoff for Melong.
Check into a hotel Kleber lodge, dinner and overnight in Melong

DAY 5:
Breakfast. Departure to Foumban via the Dschange continue to Baffoussam visit the small mystical
house, believed to be about 300 years old and contain all magical warfare tools used in protecting the
community in times of war. And craft centers,visits the palace of the chief of Bandjoun. Market to discover the Bamoun culture continue to the city of Foumban with numbers of vestiges that attest to its past glory. The Sultan’s Palace, the Statute of king Njoya, the Royal Palace Museum, the Central Mosque, the Arts and Traditional Museum are all Testimonies of the Bamoun history. Arrival and brief visit of the town. Visit to some selected arts of the city related to the Bamoun history.
Shopping Back to Bafoussam. Leisure activities. Dinner and night Paradise Hotel

DAY 6: 
Pick up in the morning after breakfast. Stop for a visit of the Foumbot driving to Bamenda in the english speaking North West Region. Departure to Bafut. Pass through the Commercial Avenue of Bamenda which is where all commercial activities are centered. Drive through Ntarikon and arrive in Bafut. Bafut is one of the biggest Tikar chiefdoms in the North West Region. See the six hundred year old "Talking Drum", visit the museum and palace and watch the traditional masked Juju dances. Drive back to Bamenda centre for lunch in a nice restaurant at Commercial Avenue.
Drive to the Babungo palace, visit the palace and museum. Babungo is one of the biggest kingdoms in
the Ndop plain and famous for its rich museum. Picnic lunch on a nice spot and onwards to the Presspot
pottery in Bamessing. Watch the process from freshly dug clay to production of articles for sale and
export. Return on the Ring Road through Sabga, Bambui Dinner overnight Ayaba Hotel

DAY 7:
Pickup in the morning after breakfast, departure to Fundong, visits the evil mountain at the Laikom village where those who committed offenses in the past used to be rolled and killed return to Belo along the Ring Road to the Ndawara tea plantation. View vast hilly plantations of tea here and visit the production factory where you can see how tea is being processed from harvesting to parceling for sale and local consumption. View the birds, like ostriches, ducks and fowls that are being reared for sale, continue to bamenda and yaounde
Overnight Hilton hotel

DAY 8:
Breakfast departure to semi-natural park of Mefou, a true sanctuary of gorillas and chimpanzees -
Departure for Ebogo (site eco tourism charm you like) - boat ride on the river Nyong - butterfly safari - Lunch on site (freshwater fish of the river) - early afternoon return to Yaoundé
Overnight Hilton hotel

DAY 9: 
Pickup after breakfast, visit the National museum and the primate center, the gardens and parks in the city. Transfer to the train station at 4:00pm and check into the train and prepare for departure, dinner and overnight on board. Bed apartment

DAY 10:
Breakfast in the train. Arrival at 7:00am in Ngaoundere Cameroon water reservoir during the day, a transition zone between the south and the North. The cosmopolitan population is happy and welcoming; this gives confirmation of Cameroon as “the synopsis of Africa”. A brief visit to the town with a beautiful panoramic view of Mount Ngaoundere, the palace of Lamido, the market and some sites like Lake torch. Visit to the Vina waterfalls and Tison Lake. Lunch and departure to the Benoue National Park. Arrival, safari in the afternoon in the 180 000 hectares park classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1980; search for Hippopotamus, rhinos, lions, giants elands, etc. installation, Leisure activities.
Dinner and night Hotel Buffle Noir

DAY 11:
Breakfast and pick up for Wangai chief’s palace and our trekking proper starts. We will get to discover
the Atlantika Mountains with the Koma natives’ still living the primeval life style. This gives us the
opportunity to see how interesting and authentic a unique life style is. We thereafter trek to the heart of the mountains return and night Hotel Buffle Noir

DAY 12: 
(Bimlerou haut, bas and Librou villages)
Breakfast pick up to meet the Indigenous people wearing tree leaves in the place of clothes . Tour of the village’s craftsmen (potters, spinners, weavers, blacksmiths ...). We will visit Mount Nsiki and meet the famous wizard who can predict our future. Later, we’ll watch the sunset at Kapsiki (about 10 kms/6,2 miles away from Rumsiki) a place that could be defined as "the most beautiful lunar landscape of Central Africa.
Return to hotel dinner and night.Hotel Buffle Noir

DAY 13:
After breakfast drive to Poli, visit Fulani and fulbe population. Continuation to Garoua
Dinner & night at Tourist motel

DAY 14:
Departure from Garoua to Rhumsiki via Guider for the visit of the fantastic “ gorges de kola “ ,
Traditional dances of northern region , the special crabs witchcraft , the potteries , weavers ,
artisans , Rhumsiki mount …
Dinner and night at Rhumsiki lodge in Bungalow

DAY 15:
RHUMSIKI - TOUROU market – RUMSIKIAfter breakfast drive to Tourou, discover the famous market (the Goudour women with calabashes on the head, of which the color and the drawing of their " hat " indicate if they are yes or non brides), small KIRDI village, of GOUDOUMS and MOKTE (celebrates by this border, picturesque market that holds every thursday and the women covered of calabashes come assembled
Return to Rhumsiki dinner and night at Rhumsiki lodge

DAY 16: 
After breakfast, visit Rhumsiki village, particularly the crab fortune teller and the coppersmith departure to Mokolo. Visit to the weekly market (true ethnic groups melting pot, where you can find all the tribes of Mount Mandara), the Lamidate and Museum.
Dinner and accommodation at the Mokolo camp. (bungalow)

DAY 17:
After breakfast pick up to picturesque market; Lamido palace at Mora. Visit the bi-centenary kingdom
of king Mozogo with its 50 wives and at least 113 children. Continue to waza Visit of the animist populations of the region. Trekking in the valley Continues to the Waza national park via the Koza hills. Whole day at the Waza national park viewing lions, giraffe, elephants, antelope,waterhogs, birds, Waza national park (the abundance of birds species makes the park a great reserve in Cameroon), etc. Overnight at the Waza lodge

DAY 18:
Pick up in early morning drive to Maltam and Goulfey, you really have the feeling that you are at the
ends of the earth. This savannah region is mostly inhabited by semi-nomadic muslim populations. Meet
Kotobo and Arab Shuwa communities, explore walled city of Goulfey continue to visit the fortress which is one of the ancient architectural structure of the Musgoum people which served as defense mechanism during the inter ethnic wars and Muslims invasions.
Return to Sultan's Palace dinner and night

DAY 19
Wake up early morning and departure for Blangoua by Makari where you visite the Palace of the
Sultan Installing the Catholic mission of Blangoua for breakfast Transfer to the dugout and
departure Lake Chad Visit market Kofia on the island and visit the villages of sinners.
Night at the Zenit Hotel 


Day 20

 KOUSSERI – WAZA – POUSSE market - MAGA – MAROUA Breakfast and Departure to Maroua going past Maga. Stopover in Zina to discover its desert landscape; call on Pousse to visit the Sultanate, the Museum, the Tuesday Weekly Market and the hippos reservoir.
Picnic at the lake shore. We’ll continue to Maga where we’ll visit the homes of the Mosgoun people,
called shell houses due to their pointed shape. We’ll also visit the man-made lake of Maga. We’ll pursue
our journey to Maroua. Lodging at the hotel, Relais Porte Mayo dinner and accommodation.

DAY 21:
Early flight to Douala arrival in Douala Gianni and Liliana will stop at the airport waiting the flight for Europe. and Jerry and Silvana check-in into hotel; Lunch. City tours in the city of Douala return to the hotel Le Meridien dinner overnight

  Day 22

Breakfast, visit the landscape changes of the luxuriant vegetation of palm treesand coconuts, bor-
dered by the beautiful beaches of the ocean. In the middle of this large drill, we discover pleasant
small villages. The net, the dugouts, the lifestyle of the villagers makes up this strange decoration. We
arrive finally at Kribi, a place to rest in the shade of the palm trees on the vast ones extended from
white sand. Departure to a hotel where we will lodge, stroll by the beach for sea breeze. Diner and
night at Ilomba Hotel

DAY 22: 
After Breakfast, departure to the Lobe Fall, a unique place in the world and mostly visited by all tourists that get into kribi. Get a taste of the sea fresh prawn, visit the water fall, stroll on the white sandy beach, swimming, return to hotel, diner and night at Ilomba Hotel

DAY 23:
Early breakfast take a stroll around the beach of kribi meet with people who live in Kribi were
extremely friendly aslo interesting to see how much the ocean influences daily life. meet have a taste of kribi shrimp and fish, see people swimming in the beach, drive to Douala and Transfer to Douala
international airport - formalities and take off to Europe

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