Getting Married in Bora Bora with a Traditional Polynesian Wedding Ceremony

There's no shortage of places these days for a perfect beach wedding. But for romance and exoticism, few can match tying the knot (literally) in a flower crown barefoot on a warm sand beach, with a Tahitian priest, a conch blower, dancers and romantic Polynesian music. The traditional wedding ceremonies held on Bora Bora and all the Tahitian islands is a celebration of joy and love. It includes a hand-holding blessing ceremony, exchange of flowers crowns and leis, and being wrapped in a tifaifai (traditional quilt).

The groom awaits his bride on the beach while an outrigger canoe paddled by a bare-chested Tahitian man transports the bride inside a heart of flowers and then the Polynesian wedding ceremony begins. To start, the conch blower will sound the conch shell. and the master of ceremony will divide one leaf into making two bracelets and will put them around your wrists to tie the knot,  With your hands together you will get blessed with coconut water.

The bride and groom will exchange leis (given at every joyous occasion) and flower crownsTo symbolise the union, you will find yourselves wrapped in a beautiful, handcrafted Tahitian quilt for your first marital kiss.

To celebrate the union the dancers and musicians will perform the traditional songs and moves and even invite you to join them . And of course to finish a petal toss will start your new married life!

If you always have dream about toes in sand, one-of-a-kind backdrop, tropical flowers, dancers and music in a ceremony full of symbols and traditions, the Polynesian wedding is for you. More info can be found on the website of this Bora Bora photographer.

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