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Water adventure sports have always been an eye-candy. They’re such a great treat for the eyes, whether you are exploring or just been on a beach vacation. Irrespective of the places you visit during the vacations, you feel the urge to indulge in some type of sporting activity. One such water sports activity that is in vogue and popular amongst today’s generation is snorkeling. It might seem like an effortless activity but it is not. However, with time, experiences and learning, one can imbibe the necessary strategies to attain a professional level of snorkeling. If you are one such nature lover, who possesses an intrinsic passion for water sports including snorkeling, but are somewhat reluctant to explore this activity owing to your being a novice, then this write-up is just for you. Here, we’ve compiled some of the best snorkeling tips for beginners like you.

Snorkeling is like an eye-opening experience. Since this sport opens up great perspective, you’d realize in what ways water sports vary from other physical recreational activities. This is perhaps the best way to come in close contact with nature.

If you are a beginner in the sport, you might be dismayed at certain levels that would leave you to feel disconnected. For some, this can result in losing overall interest in snorkeling just because they are discomforted or they feel they cannot learn the sport. However, such discomforts are simply a part and parcel of everyday life. Hence it is important to follow easy techniques and skills that would relieve you of your dejections, thus making you feel empowered and letting you enjoy the sport.

A beginner might face many issues with snorkeling, for example, sometimes they may see a foggy mask, snorkel tube flooded with sea water, body fatigue, poorly fitted swim fins, etc. However, possessing a prior knowledge and understanding of the strategies and skills entailed for snorkeling along with the right gear and equipment can aid the individuals to enjoy the sport. The first and foremost requisite for snorkeling that a person needs is the right type of wetsuit so that he/she feels at ease while moving. You can select a full suit or a two-piece wetsuit that includes a wetsuit top and wetsuit bottoms. Any body part should not be blocked from moving. If that happens, it can really be a disappointing experience for some.

Snorkeling is a sport that is learned through experiences. However, on numerous occasions, people get afraid at first attempt, so much so that they dread to try their hands at it for the second time. This should not be the case. As a matter of fact, it is a sport that needs to be enjoyed and during this process, one should explore their own dimensions.

Advice for Novice Snorkelers:

a. Do your research well prior to taking an attempt at snorkeling. Choose the locations that you are most familiar with. An intriguing marine life and corals might look mesmerizing, but it takes a lot of practice and perseverance to be there and enjoy all of it thoroughly.

b. You can initially start by diving into shallow waters that are close to shores. Right at your first venture if you dive deep, you can later encounter problems with handling yourself well. So try with small and then get deeper. This is the more manageable tactic to not losing your interest in the sport.

c. Always use a quality mask when you go snorkeling. Never settle for something cheap just because you are trying it for the first time.

d. Prior to getting into the water, wear the mask and understand its mechanism thoroughly. This should be done to understand whether you feel any sort of discomfort such as difficulty in breathing after donning the mask.

e. Apply an anti-fog product to avoid the mask lens from getting misty. Do not touch the interiors of the mask lens and never let it get dirty.

f. Always make sure that the fins you use are not too tight as they might restrict your movement beneath the sea, thus leaving you with a discomforting feeling.

g. Get used to putting on the gear before time. Do not put it on in haste. Understand the entire architecture of the same and then wear it to know every function and how to use it most effectively.

h. You can practice breathing through the tub even if you are not under the water. This will give you a deeper perspective on how everything is held inside the water and how you can actually breathe beneath.

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