Best Hong Kong Cafés and Relaxation Spots

Being in Hong Kong can be overwhelming. In a city boasting over seven million people, there are is so much to do here. The city boasts of rich culture, interesting sites and a whole lot of intriguing things. One thing that you cannot miss is the food. In such a huge city, you can expect countless coffee shops, restaurants, and street food joints. But due to its populous nature, most of these places are always crowded and noisy.

Finding a quiet spot for coffee or relaxation in Hong Kong can be a daunting task. This article puts together a list of the best coffee and relaxation spots in this city. This will be vital in getting the best in terms of coffee and Hong Kong massage desired.

Hysan Place Wired Café.
The wired café is very spacious and has friendly staff. It is located on the 14th floor of Hysan Place making it a great spot. Plenty of natural light and breathtaking views make it a unique hangout spot. Here, you can order a rose latte and pull out a book to read with minimal disturbance. As this cafe offers more than just coffee, it is worthwhile spending time here.

Holly Brown coffee.
If you happen to be in Hong Kong at summer, Holly Brown coffee will be the ultimate spot. Their great cold brews and refreshing frozen desserts will be ideal for a hot summer day. As this joint occupies two floors, you will always find a quiet spot. The velvet seats in this café are very comfortable if you're interested in spending some time here.

The Pier.
The pier is a great Hong Kong massage spot. This facility offers the best in terms of relaxing massage, spa and revitalizing foot massage. After a long day touring different sites, the Pier will be ideal for you. This relaxation spot has a large dining area offering a great variety of food, snacks, and drinks. If you are looking for a combination of food and massage, this is the place to be.

Hazel and Hershey.
This is one of the favorites when it comes to coffee. Their delicious espresso-based coffees are served in large sizes, perfect for you. You can also pick coffee-themed gifts from this spot. This means that you can pick your favorite coffee beans as you wait for your latte. Although Hazel and Hershey Central coffee shop is tiny, you will always find a spot to enjoy your coffee.

Chi Wa Siam Spa.
Chi Wa Siam offers the best Thai massage. Several massage options including facial and waxing are also available. This amazing Hong Kong massage spot will leave you relaxed for hours. After a long tiring day, the experienced staff at this spa will give you the best calming experienced. This spot is also conveniently located in central Hong Kong.
If you are traveling to Hong Kong for the first time, make sure to visit these spots. The massage offered at the spas will be life changing and the coffee the best. These places will be ideal for a calming session and a quick bite too.

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