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Every Tuesday after 6-o’clock mass in the Iglesia de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, all the parishioners pour into the streets of Pelourinho, the historic center of Salvador da Bahia, and the big party, Bênção (blessing), commences. The whole city gets its glad rags on - because Salvador does not live on Carnaval alone! It is true that, on any day of the week except Monday, you can find concerts, musical performances and improvised dances in any street in the area, but it seems that Tuesday is the big day, the day when the locals have their batteries recharged after the compulsory Monday of rest, and it is then that the whole city bursts into live and entertainment and joy rule the streets.

The bazucada groups are anticipated and followed by hundreds of locals and amazed tourists who, with a beer or a caipirinha in hand, try to follow the rhythm of the music with their feet. Joie de vivre is felt all around, with tons of fun and positive energy which would infect even the most depressed of people.

The party is celebrated throughout the historic center, but where it is most concentrated is the Terreiro de Jesús Square and the Escadaria do Carmo stepsThis is where the greatest number of musicians and dancers congregate, but any interior courtyard can become an improvised concert venue. Even the locals take part in this great party, selling their delicious acarajés (spicy rolls made of fried black-eyed peas), tapiocaschurrasco (steak) bites… because all that singing and dancing is hungry and thirsty work! And there is no shortage of locals who, with a refrigerator at hand, will make you a caipirinha in any of its varieties or an ice-cold beer to stave off the first.

It's impossible not to be infected by the festive atmosphere, the bazucada groups join the groups giving concerts in Terreiro Square, improvising impossible rhythms which they share with everyone in the square, a genuine miracle of rhythm, music and party which takes place every Tuesday of the year without fail!

If you want to enjoy a good cachaça, the national liquor, make sure you head to  “O Cravinho” bar, where they will make you a great one… you will thank us later!


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