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Avoiding The Airline Bump: Four Ways To Dodge The Boot On Oversold Flights

A squawky sounding voice comes over the speaker, garbling out something along the lines of, “This flight…oversold…”. You can almost hear a gasp from the crowd waiting to take flight for their vacation. The majority slouches back into their gate seat like a middle school student in a classroom, fearful the gate agent will call on them to take another flight.

Oversold Flights | Overbooked Flights

The airlines can be a traveler’s worst nightmare, especially in today’s world of eliminated routes and packed planes. On countless occasions I have breezed through security, reached my gate and heard the doomed word “oversold”. However I know I won’t be bumped for I have followed a system when I approach each trip. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a minute of my vacation rental time or sightseeing tours at my destination

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