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Automation can benefit or plague your business

Todays' Travel Agency Software can help save any agency time and resources while increasing sales revenue. Providing your customers the flexibility to research and make travel bookings when and where they want can be critical in today's “high touch” world. The right Travel Agent Booking Software can help save any travel agency time and resources while increasing Sales, but too much automation can also be a nightmare.

When I recently called the customer service line for my cable company, I experienced an automation “merry-go-round” that has become all too familiar with many companies today. After unsuccessfully searching their website for the information I needed about adding service, I decided to call their customer service number for help. I was forced to listen to a lengthy, pre-recorded message telling me what I already knew, and then listened to the 7+ options I could choose from, none of which was what I was looking for. I got so frustrated that I hung up!

My issue still unresolved, I called back and kept hitting “zero” until I finally reached someone who took a message! I know we all love to hate our cable company, but these types of issues seem to plague many business' today. Many have tried to cut costs by automating their customer service lines but have done so at the expense of the service level they provide their customers.

On the flip side, I was planning a quick, last minute trip to New York City a few weeks ago and went online and found a great hotel at a reasonable price. The Travel Agency Software I was using provided me the information I needed to know about the price, location, amenities, etc. and allowed me to book the room using my credit card. I got an immediate confirmation for my booking and was all set in a matter of minutes. Quite a different experience than when I called the cable company.

These are good examples of how automation can both benefit or plague businesses and consumers alike. While using Travel Agent Booking Software to automate processes to reduce the time and effort it takes to service customers, business owners must also provide customers access to the human touch or risk the personal relationships that keep their business strong. After all, you never know who your clients will talk to about their experience with your business and nothing attracts new customers like positive “word of mouth”.

In other words, there needs to be a balance between using an automated solution to address simple customer service tasks and providing access to customer service representatives for those “high touch” customers requiring personal attention. Travel Agent Booking Software should be easy to use and provide the ability for agents to service customers directly using a B2B application as well as a B2C options for customers to research and book travel when and where they want. Online booking engines should also be mobile ready, so today's mobile consumer can access it from any device they choose, whether that be their smart phone, tablet or laptop. Travel Agent Software should enhance your interaction with customers, not frustrate and distance them from you.

In this article author writes about Odysseus Solutions. An advanced online Travel Booking Engine will allow for you to make price adjustments and extend special offers that target a specific sales channel such as B2B or B2C.

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