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Authentic Luxury Travel: My Favorite Trifle Recipe

One of the great joys of authentic travel is getting to know local people in the area you're visiting.

I've lived in New Zealand and watched tourists rush around the country visiting the same sights that every other overseas visitor is seeing (the places where big buses are stacked cheek-to-jowl in the parking lot).

These experiences don't allow time to meet real New Zealanders, savor a great Kiwi Savignon Blanc, and stand back and absorb the natural beauty of this amazing country.

Authentic luxury travelers will rent a car, meander off the tourist track, stay at luxurious country lodges, enjoy the local cuisine, and - I'm willing to bet - come away with at least one favorite recipe.

Here's my favorite trifle recipe (with thanks to Auntie Helen in Christchurch):


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