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6 Tips for Making Airline Connections Smooth

Making a smooth trip is an every traveler's goal. However, quite often, they need to connect on different airlines, and that means running the risk of missing their flights.
 In this post I'll look at simple tips you can employ to ensure you avoid missed connections. 

Book Direct Flights

Starting with a no-brainer, the best way to avoid missing your connecting flight is by booking a single flight from point A to point B. 

Avoid Booking Different Airlines

At times connections are inevitable. But most people prefer booking their flights on different carriers because this is often cheaper. 
Whereas this may save on cost, if the first flight is delayed, you may be forced to pay for a new connecting flight. Some airlines like Royal Air Maroc take steps to meet your needs and avoid this. 

Avoid Taking the Last Flight of the Day

In aviation, a seemingly simple mishap or bath weather can be enough to result in delays and even cancellation of your flight.
wait for the weather to clear up. If this happens for the day's last flight, it will mean losing time (overnighting in a hotel) and money (because it will most likely be at your own expense). 

Carry Your Own Luggage

For some connections, you will be required to leave the terminal and recheck at a different one (especially at a large airport), so on those occasions where you're unable to check bags through to your final destination, needing to retrieve and recheck luggage is not only a hassle but takes away valuable time to make your next flight. So flying as much as possible with carry-on bags is the best option (not to mention eliminating the possibility of delayed or lost bags at your final destination). 

Allow Enough Time between Connections

When you're booking your connecting flight, you need to ensure that your the arrival time isn't too close to your connection's departure time. You should particularly take note as to whether you'll need to change terminals, and build in time accordingly.  Ideally, a
llow a minimum of two hours for your international flights and at least an hour for the domestic travels.

Familiarize Yourself with the Airport

You don't want to waste more time than necessary moving from one terminal to the next or getting from one end of a large, sprawling terminal to the other. Modern technogy makes it possible to download an airport or other flight app to your phone that can be very helpful when you're running from one gate to another. 

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