8 Tips to Ensure Maximum Airline Seat Comfort


Flying long haul (especially overnight) and worried about airplane seat comfort? After all, nobody wants to land at their destination feeling fatigued and uncomfrtable. But if you're traveling coach, low humidity along with narrow seats with minimal reclinability and legroom all add up to what can be a pretty unpleasant six to 18-plus hours.

Pick a Window Seat

You're far from alone if you find sleeping upright hard during a flight. You can certainly try a neck pillow or similar kind of support. But as good and possibly better is to book a seat next to a window, so as to be able to use it as a headrest provides the best neck support even better than a neck pillow. To cushion your head against the window, though in these pandemic times airlines currently do not provide pillows or blankets, you can either bring your own travel pillow or use an item of clothing. Another great benefit here is that no one is goion ng to wake you up in the middle of the night just because that person needs to use the bathroom.

Pack a Supplemental Tray

Yet another advantage of a window seat is that it can allow you to attach a compact supplemental tray like this one, for up to a third more surface space for drinks and snacks, allowing the tray in front of you to be used for a laptop or other uses.

Bring Your Own Seat Cushion

Besides being cramped, another unpleasant feature of today's economy-class seats is the fact that they're as thin and unpadded as Airbus and Boeing can possibly make them before passengers rebel. So sitting for them for six-plus hours is no fun, especially if you have lower-body circulation or other issues. But there are plenty of places online to buy seat cushions to make long-haul a little more tolerable, and they're well worth the effort and expense to do so.

Keep a Massage Ball

Massage balls are rubber, foam, or plastic balls rolled on specific parts of the body to relieve knots and other aches/pains (here's a link on how to choose one). It's especially helpful before trying to sleep.

Bring Essential Oils/Vitamins

Aromatic oils applied directly to the skin can also promote better sleep, and for that purpose you'll especially want to consider bergamot, chamomile, frankinsense, jasmine, lavender, and ylang ylang.

Don’t Forget Lumbar Support

While taking long flights, your back can also get stressed, so take an airline pillow - or if none is offered, have available an item of clothing to roll up - and place it behind your lower back. Your body will thank you!

Always Carry a Hand Sanitizer 

Considering that airline cabin surfaces are among the germiest out there, this was always a good idea even before the coronavirus. But now it's more critical than ever. Nothing can fully replace actually washing your hands, but hand sanitizing gel is a good stopgap and avoids the need to get up and wash constantly.

Also Bring Snacks 

Keep your blood sugar stable on long flights by packing fruit or healthy pre-packaged snacks like trail mix, dried fruit, and granola bars.

We hope you've found this helpful! (And if you're looking for a direct flight from the U.S. to Europe, click here for Italy and  here for the UK.)

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