After Heartbreak - Healing Yourself With Travel

In the initial days, weeks and months after breaking up with someone - and if you were married, finalizing your divorce - you may experience a great deal of grief, pain and sadness as you begin to process the end of your relationship and focus on beginning a new chapter. In the case of divorce, whether this was uncontested, with both you and your ex-spouse agreeing to dissolve the marriage, or whether you were the initial one to file for divorce, it's still possible, and even expected, it is completely natural to experience moments of sadness or loneliness when your marriage truly has come to an end. Then again, perhaps you're looking at your newly-divorced status as something to celebrate, and are excited and happy about the future now that you are no longer married. It's quite normal to feel either way, or a mixture of both, once your divorce is finalized; after all, each marriage, like each person, is unique, and we all process events like divorce in our own ways.

If divorce has left you feeling depressed, angry, elated or hopeful, and sometimes a combination of everything at once, it might be a good idea to think about traveling somewhere you've always wanted to go. According to SplitSimple, a divorce-mediation service, travel can be an excellent way to punctuate life's events. Taking a trip once you have finalized your divorce can help you make sense of the emotional roller-coaster you are on and bring you much-needed closure.

Where Should I Go?

Your first post-divorce travel destination is entirely up to you, but before you book any vacations, try to take inventory of your current feelings and the overall state of mind. If you are feeling extreme pain and heartbreak now that your divorce is final, for example, a wild Vegas weekend with party-animal friends might not be the travel experience you are looking for at this time. On the other hand, if you are ecstatic about your newly-divorced status and want to celebrate in a big way, you may have a less-than-pleasurable time in a secluded cabin in the woods! Let your mood dictate where you should go, and try to focus on enjoying yourself in your own way once you arrive at your preferred destination.


Should I Go Alone or With a Group?

This is another question you need to answer for yourself since everyone copes with divorce in his or her own way. Some people may prefer the companionship and support of a few good friends, while others may want to take time for themselves and be alone for a while. If you are dealing with feelings of loneliness or isolation following your divorce, or you just want a travel companion to share your journey, you'll probably have a better time if you bring one or more friends along for the ride. However, if you just need time to quiet your mind, or if you want to see the world on your own after being part of a couple for years, it may be best to embark on a solo voyage. Consider something as mindful as a yoga retreat in Bali and start nurturing yourself for the next phase. Be honest with yourself and what you need most right now, and you will arrive at the best decision for you.


Post-divorce travel can not only kickstart your emotional healing process, but it can also be practical to skip town for a bit. Going on a trip can give your ex-spouse the time he or she needs to move all of their belongings out of the home you shared if they haven't done so already, without you having to be there to witness the physical evidence of your marriage coming to an end. Also, if you are off on the post-divorce trip of a lifetime when your ex comes with a moving van, neither of you will have to deal with the pain and awkwardness that can come from the final parting of the ways. No matter how well you think you are handling your divorce, and regardless of how amicable your uncontested split may have been, seeing your ex actually leave for good can cause a great deal of sadness, remorse, and anger; having exciting travel plans to keep you occupied while your ex-spouse is moving out may be the best idea for everyone involved.


Taking a trip after your divorce becomes finalized can help define an endpoint to the old chapter of your life while embracing the new beginnings and changes on the horizon. A post-divorce vacation might be the first step towards your next big adventure! Over time, you will be able to enjoy the things you used to love, as well as some new hobbies or interests you have just discovered- the post-divorce healing process is different for everyone and takes time, but sooner or later you will feel like your old self again- or possibly even better!

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