Adventure And Thrilling Activity In India

India is the place which offers a wide range of adventure activities to its tourists. In North India, there are numerous mountain ranges and nestled valleys, mighty rivers and placid lakes, rugged terrain and green slopes. It offers various adventure sports to the tourists like mountaineering, trekking, white water rafting, hang gliding and parasailing. There are many mountain ranges, rivers, forests and beaches of India which provides different venues to the adventure tourists to experience and gather some unforgettable moments. Here tourists can enjoy climbing a rocky mountain peak, trekking through the dense jungle, plunging down a rushing river or diving into an underwater paradise.

Ladakh is a nice place for trekker lovers. Ladakh in trekking offers adventure to the tourists. In Ladakh the best season to go for trekking and expeditions is between July and September. But sometimes Trekking in Ladakh is obstructed by cold waves and snow. So, special clothes are required for trekking in this region. People from all around the world come here to enjoy trekking. There are many treks for the trekkers, which passes through various temples and villages. You have to carry some essentials while going for trekking like first aid box, good quality water cantor, good sleeping bags etc.

If you really love to feel the beauty of nature very closely then riding a bicycle is the best option. Now people prefer to go for Mountain Biking to experience a good adventure. People love to explore the unbeaten tracks by mountain biking. While enjoying the mountain biking you must keep in mind to ride at control speed.

Nowadays motor biking in India is becoming popular day by day. You will love to ride your favorite bike among rugged mountains embracing the lush green valleys. For each and every tourist, it will be an unforgettable experience and a challenge to ride a motor bike in the serpentine roads amidst the most beautiful sunsets.

Rafting in India is also very much popular. Usually we love to watch this rafting through the waves on our television. It is a challenging adventure sports. Many tourists who have the knowledge about this rafting just enjoy this adventure among the Mountain Rivers.

Garhwal Trekking is also very much popular among the trekkers and the tourists. Every year thousands of tourists come here to enjoy trekking and some other adventure activities. Here you can enjoy all the adventure sports activities like trekking, mountaineering expeditions, mountain biking tours etc. while trekking tourists will enjoy the views of greater Himalayan range, alpine meadows, rare high altitude flora and fauna etc.


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