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Active excursion tour «The pearls of Tuva»

"Tuva? A bird has to cover many thousands of miles in the direction of the rising sun before it has overcome the Altai Mountains. There, in the geographical heart of Asia Tuva lies, in the north it borders with up to 4000m high mountain ranges of Altai and Sayan, in the south it changes over to prairies and semiprairies, up to the border with Mongolia. Politically, the Tuva Republic now belongs to the Russian Federation. Autonomous Republic as a part of the Russian Federation is after all, bigger than Greece and Belgium together. Siberian taiga, high-mountain tundra, bogs and
branches of the Gobi Desert border here with each other. Reindeer, willow grouses, bears, wolves
and frozen mammoth bones from river banks are found side by side with yaks, camels and bustards.
Just over 300,000 people live in this rich nature, it is a folk with an ancient history and culture. Originally and even to the present time they have been nomads.
We get to know their traditions and their ideas, their art and culture, the hardness of their daily life and their skills.
Tuva is a country in an ancient crossroads of cultures: Skyphen, Huns, Chinese, Mongolians, Russians and others have left their mark - monuments, inscriptions, rock carvings, fairy tales, buildings from the past, prince graves ... "

From the German book „Mysterious Tuva. Expeditions to the heart of Asia” of Sew’jan I. Weinstein

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