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A passage to Brooklyn, NY

I walk around
seeing the crowd,
watching the people across the roads
on Wilson, Myrtle, Cypress, Cornelia or Knickerbocker Streets
I find Spanish as the language spoken.

Numerous shops like those of the hairdressers, restaurants,
and other business firms
draw me to get in and have a try;
search for something and take a choice
from all those items seen and displayed.

Like any movements in public places
the traffic snarls the narrow roads
with all those cars and passersby
keep me wait within the footpath.

However, the rubbish afflicts me
people have seeming negligence
and unmindful of cleanliness
such an attitude that goes with discipline.

Young generation is evident and visible
with their youth culture
encrusted in their mind-sets
attitudes, and behaviours
can all be the reason to
Recognize and accept them.

Beyond the structure where we are
along with openness, transparency
and tolerance
explains the meaning who they are
in the flesh and blood
of our societal life.

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