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How to Choose Audio Headphones for Travel

Headphones are an important stuff whether you are walking on the road or traveling for a long trip. Without a perfect pair of travel headsets your journey would be incomplete. 


Leaving home without a good pair of headset is as bad omen as seeing black cat before travel. They provide enough comfort and leisure during travel that would be good for a great travel experience. Yes, the headphones are a great tech helpers and there are more than thousand of headphones available for travel. But which one is good for you, is a quite difficult task. We will help you in choosing the best noise cancelling headphones that are great for travel.

You might have some questions in mind regarding travel headphones. So, we have compiled a guide and answered those questions that would help you in providing good information about the travel and in choosing headphones.

First things first, here are a few options to choose headphones according to your traveling habit and choice before you start.

Choose according to luggage weight

If you want to travel light and don't bother to bring more things with you then you must be choosing the lightweight headphone. In that case Beats Solo 3 would be a best choice for your travel.

On the other hand if you are hav e a lot of gadgets and want to carry everything that you may require during your travel, get a descent pair of Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 which provides a great battery life of about 24 hours. With this headset you will be able to listen to anything for the whole day with great sound and cancelling outside sound. 

Choose according to your activities

If you love running, sports or adventure you would surely love the headsets that may help you in fulfilling your hobby. Usually normal earbuds are a very bad choice for running or workout. So, you have to get the headphones or earbuds that do not fall out while running and exercise.

For this purpose you will need Koss KSC75 headphones or Beats Powerbeats. These headsets and earbuds are a great choice for running, workout, travel or adventure.

Choose according to the type of trip

Let's say you are going to a business trip and hate any noise or wound that may disturb in your business work. So, you will definitely need perfect noise cancelling headphones to reject outer sound.In that case Bose QC35 would definitely be a great choice for your healthy business trip.

Choose according to destination

You need to choose headphones according to the destination that you have set to reach. Say you are going to beach and you have got headphones that are not water resistant, you are making a mistake. If you have planned for the beach you must carry waterproof headphones for an optimal experience.  For this purpose you need to get a pair of  RHA- MA750 Earbuds to avoid rusting or water-logging.

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