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7 Things I Learned While in Australia

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Before traveling abroad I tried to read travel guides, many books and journals to get knowledge about Australia, in order not to seem impolite or ignorant. So, I carefully examined information and was ready to start my exciting trip.

When I arrived to a town near Sydney, and the first situation which happened to me showed that the real life here is quite different than I imagined. That’s why I want to share my experience and useful tips about culture and life of Australian people.

Actually my “savior” is one of the native citizens who kindly agreed to retell about Australian customs, behavior, and lifestyle.

Friendship between men and women: possible or not?

Do you trust in friendship between men and women? Well, Australian is a nice example of these relations. I was surprised seeing a woman sitting and chatting in men company. You could guess what thoughts crossed my mind. But my new friend, Athan, explained that it is a common thing and nothing to worry about. The female in that company is treated as one of the boys, and also it is normal when she pays for herself. 

Time for jokes or “Taking the piss”

Without any doubts no one wants to be a main character of joking, but it’s not that case! I found out that it is very typical for Australian to joke about someone especially in his or her presence. Also a kind reply to a joke is expected. But if it’s offensive for you then the best time is to just smile and turn to another theme.

Gratuity or tips

If you are in Australian restaurant or café it is dispensable to leave tips. Guess why? Well, the personnel are paid a high salary, so they will not be upset if nothing is left. In a bar a visitor can give some tips or not. The staff will be happy to serve you on your further visits.

Who should pay the bill?

When I asked for the bill in the cozy restaurant, where we were dining with Athan, I wanted to pay for his order to thank for his time spent with me, but he didn’t allow me to do that. The explanation was very simple. If friends go to some place to a dinner, for example, the bill is divided among all people who have made the order. The demonstration of generosity may be treated not in the best way, evoking feelings of poverty and unhappiness. But this is not in case of business dinners, when paying the bill can mean a beginning of good relations.

“Always in high spirits and restrained”

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One more important thing I have learned, while being in Australia, really shocked me.  Australians do not regret, do not complain, and do not show their unhappiness. They are strong, calm and always smiling. If they want to share a burden they will be very polite and try to turn their problem almost to something good and fun.

“The rounds” in the pub

Frankly speaking, this pub tradition is a kind of funny. Do you want to know why? The thing is that one person from the company has to pay for the drinks of the other ones from the group. When the glasses are empty, the next member of the company will buy one more round and so on, till all they are drunk or ran out of money!

Dress code

The last I want to retell about is the types of clothing. Usually there are no laws or limits on what you put on, except business meeting. People dress what they want to feel themselves comfortable and according to weather. But clothes must be clean and tidy. By the way, Australians do not have the official national clothing!

It was amazing to explore the country not only from reading but meeting people and learning a lot just by traveling.

I couldn’t feel myself absolutely free in the foreign country without renting a car. I did it at Alice Springs Airport. This way my trip became very comfortable for an affordable price.

Wish you a nice Australian vacation!


Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer and tries to find the best and brightest things to do, for your travel in different cities of the world.

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