7 Most Stunning Lakes of Kerala That Should Never Be Missed By Honeymooners-With Rankings

Backwaters are the landmarks of Kerala to the majority of tourists travelling to Kerala both from other countries and domestic regions. Numerous slanting coconut palms lined along the serene lakes on which sail the traditionally built houseboats. These are the attributes that tempt any true nature lover to visit them. They must have been to the popular backwaters of Vembanad, Kumarakom or Alleppey. However, they may not be the best ones to opt for travellers who are on their honeymoon trip. Most probably these locations will be crowded enough providing no space and time for the newlywed couples to have their leisure moments. You will feel more special and relaxed if you are with your loved ones in any calm and composed location, like say any tranquil lake and the boating across them.

Listed below are the most stunning lakes of Kerala with rankings, which should never be missed by couples honeymooning in this beautiful state.

1. Kavvayi Lake in Kannur

They are the unexplored water bodies near Payyanur in Kannur, so is ranked in the very first position in the list of most beautiful lakes of Kerala. So if you are visiting Kavvayi for your honeymoon, you could experience the calm atmosphere of the quaint village inhabited by the agricultural and fishing community. Along with your partner, you may voyage all through Kavvayi through Round Trip boating. Even without spending too much time in the location, you will be mesmerized by its splendid beauty. For feeling most close to nature, couples may hop on to the traditional country boats and paddle themselves.

2. Pookode Lake in Wayanad

This particular backwater listed second in the most beautiful lakes of the state will be already included in your tour itinerary if you are holidaying in the hill station of Wayanad in tour packages. Considering the beauty of the water body surrounded by numerous small hills, the newlyweds would not be required to search for any other locations for their photo-shoots. Even otherwise, you may opt for the paddleboats at an affordable price and proceed to any spaces of your wish. With such refreshing sites around you when you paddle, at least for a moment, you may disbelieve that you are indeed sailing in a secluded lake of Kerala.

3. Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam

Although they are known for being a place blissed with alluring backwater, they had later flourished to become one of the hottest honeymoon destinations. The lake situated in the district of Kollam is very deservingly listed at one of the top positions of beautiful backwaters of Kerala. Couples if they are opting for houseboat sailings had got a wider possibility to have their own private time. Ashtamudi is a confluence of eight different lakes, so will offer you a different view from each of the locations.

4. Kundala Lake in Munnar

Anything situated in such a picturesque location like that of Munnar will inevitably look gorgeous, so is the Kundala Lake positioned fourth in the list of the most stunning lakes of Kerala. They were formed after the construction of the reservoir nearby. Honeymooners, when they are paddling in the shikhara boats, in the pristine waters would not feel anything less than rowing in any Kashmiri lakes. For them, yet other options of rowing boats and pedal boats too are made available. The sailing in the pristine waters of Kundala River could be one of the most romantic things to do if you are honeymooning in the hill station of Munnar.

5. Kakkayam Lake in Kozhikode

The locations around this part of Kakkayam in Kozhikode will indeed look ethereal, especially in the lush green meadows and the slowly flowing river water to drain at this lake. The speed boat rides and small pedal boats moving slowly along the crystal clear waters of Kakkayam will indeed turn out to be a sweet memory of your entire honeymoon trip. The pictures captured with the verdant hills standing as a fence will be your frames for your that epic honeymoon click. Do not ever skip to visit the nearby popular spot of Kariythan Para, which look like some already set casing. Well before the sunset, you may proceed to the next location of Vayalada from where you both could behold a mesmerizing sunset.

6. Periyar Lake in Thekkady

The visitors thronging to this part of Thekkady in Kerala would never return without going for boating in the elegant lake of Periyar. Those numerous branches of dilapidated trees that are erected in the lake water provide a different aesthetic beauty to Periyar. Couples who are on a honeymoon may choose private boats, rather than sailing in the common boat servicing in the backwaters accommodating 30 to 40 people together. You may demand such an enchanting experience right from the moment you are booking your tour packages.

7. Vellayani Lake in Thiruvananthapuram

Such a name can rarely be seen in the list of the popular backwater destinations of Kerala, yet they are included here only due to its nascent beauty. You may easily reach the destination once travelling a few distances from the main Thiruvananthapuram city. Moreover, there is even a road across the middle of the lake. Yet several other parts of this freshwater lake is still untouched and are visited in only by the people in close neighbourhoods. Hire a country boat and go paddling in its pristine waters pushing aside the adorable flowers blossomed from various aquatic plants. You may even pluck any of those flowers and gift them to your lady love. 

You might have noted here that all of these backwater destinations are located in different parts of Kerala. Reaching to each of them can be difficult if you are new to the place. Therefore, on such an instant, contacting any reliable tour company based in Kerala who provides backwaters honeymoon tour package will always turn out to be a wise choice. Dream Holidays situated in Kochi is one of those tour companies popular among the regular travellers to Kerala. Their backwater packages had been lauded by the honeymooners who had earlier visited these glorious travel destinations.

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