Whether you are an adventure freak, a beach-worshiper, an avid culture seeker, or a voyager just seeking for a place for relaxation, Guatemala is one of those rarely found place which satisfies the travelers of all taste buds, regardless of your bigeminal expectations.

Besides, if you are curious about the graceful architecture and cobbled streets of colonial Guatemala, then you really need to check Guatemala Vacations, which will also help you explore tropical jungles, mountain lakes, cloud forests, active volcanoes, precious coral reefs and tranquil beaches that will mesmerize your heart and soul.

The Mayan Ruins of Tikal

Nestled amid the humid jungle of northern Guatemala, close to the border of Belize, Tikal stands as one of the greatest archaeological sites in Latin America. The place serves its tourists with more than 3, 000 antique structures right from the temples to plazas, pyramids, and an acropolis. For more than thousands of years, the place has been the most quintessential center of urban Mayan.


If you find it hard to pronounce, never mind. Because, the mountainous valleys of Chichicastenango, the red-tiled roofs and cobblestone streets, showcase much of what's great about Guatemala. The city is most popular for the most colourful and fascinating street markets in the world. If you are a passionate photographer, you won't be able to resist yourself taking some real-time pictures, surrounding the real photogenic beauties. Visit the market on Thursday and Saturday, especially when you want to buy the traditional textiles.


Better known to many Guatemalans as Xela this pretty, neat and clean city is situated at 2, 335 meters in the Sierra Madre Mountains, the cobblestone streets and vibrant culture of the Mayans attract travelers who want to escape the typical tourist circuit. And if you're interested in learning Spanish in a soothing environment, Quetzaltenango is indeed the place to head to.

Livingston on the Caribbean Coast

If you want to experience the a relatively unexplored side of Guatemala, beachside Livingston and its surroundings are home to many the the country's Garifuna people (Afro-Guatemalans), similar in feel to to Belize, with mouthwatering food and excellent music.

The Island Town Flores

Very near Tikal, this picturesque island town Flores boasts cobbled streets, copper-colored rooftops, and vividly painted buildings. It's also near the scenic natural beauty of Lake Petén Itzá.


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