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Spring is one of the best seasons to deep clean your RV, especially if are planning to sell it. Since spring is the onset of the RV-ing season, motor home buyers often prefer to invest in a used luxury vehicle during this time. And of course, they look for something that is spick and span, well maintained, and less expensive than the brand-new models. The season of colorful blooms also gives you an opportunity to get rid of the dirt and dust that has accumulated over the winter months. So tune in to your favorite music and get started with the cleaning ritual before you sell your RV.

1. Dust and Disinfect Everything Thoroughly

Start by dusting everything in your RV from nooks, corners, seams, and tracks. Clean surfaces with a quality cleansing solution and ensure that you swipe up all dust and dirt carefully. You can also use your vacuum cleaner to deep clean your motor home. Before you start disinfecting, remove the floor mats, couch cushions, and curtains to give your vehicle interior a thorough clean. Use a dirt-free and soft-bristle toothbrush or paintbrush to get rid of the debris from light fixtures, pulls, grates, door tracks, and fittings. Use a clean, soft cloth to dust the flat surfaces. Sweep the dust that collects on the floor, and then use a multi-use sanitizer to clean all the surfaces in your RV kitchen, main cabin, driver area, and bathroom.

2. Clean Window Panes, Sills, and Curtains

You can’t wait for the springs to clean these parts of your RV. Try to set up a cleaning routine every few months. Your motor home windows tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust. However, it is not possible to give them a wash daily. Clean the windowpanes every month. Spray and wipe dry the panes with a proper glass cleaner, inside and out. But there is more cleaning work to be done than you think. Only wiping the dust off the panes is not going to help. You should also do some deep cleaning every six months. Before you do so, make sure that you remove all the screens and wash all the windows both from the inside and outside. Once you remove them, wash them with a mild warm soapy solution. After you are done with the screens, wipe them gently with a soft dry towel. Your RV interior will appear a lot brighter once the screens and windows get a good cleaning. Use a multi-use spray for cleaning the windowsill and casing. Do not forget the curtains or window coverings. You can simply wash them or may consider dry cleaning. If your motor home has mini-blinds, clean them with a microfiber duster or cloth.

3. Clean Your RV Fans

Your RV’s fans and ceiling vents would need a good cleaning, especially on the screens and blades. Take out the screens and arrange the plastic tabs along a line. Pull the screen below. Give them a thorough cleaning in the kitchen sink by gently rubbing a sponge over the screens with soapy water. Take out the plastic fan blades. If you have a fan with a nut in the center of the blades, you need to take out the nut with a twist to let the blades slip off. Now clean the fan blades with a warm soapy solution. Once you are through, start cleaning the fan housing with a multi-use microfiber cloth and spray. Replace the screen and the blades, and admire your spotlessly clean fans.

4. Remove Stains from Hard Surfaces and Carpets  

With use over the years, your RV’s surfaces and carpets are sure to collect some stubborn stains. Get rid of water-based spots with hydrogen peroxide paste and baking soda. Cover the stain completely and wait for about an hour. Take a dustpan and remove the solid pieces of the paste with a soft-bristle brush. Blot the area using a paper towel.

When selling your RV becomes a concern, give your rig the shiny appeal it needs. As spring draws near, decide on a day for cleaning in advance because the total process will take some time before you put up your motor home for sale. 

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