We’re in the midst of a hot and sunny Australian summer and this means it’s time for a BBQ with your family and friends. BBQ’s are something of an Aussie tradition loved by past and sure to be carried on by younger generations. Here’s how to step up your BBQ game.


The Guest List

When it comes to who to invite, there’s really no minimum or maximum. Instead, think about how many people can comfortably fit in your entertainment area and who are going to get a long and make it a good time. Close family and friends are sure to help out and make it a great BBQ.

As a host, be warm and welcoming. Make sure everyone has a drink and is comfortable. If it’s a particularly hot day, it can be a good idea to provide a shaded area. A garage, with wide open doors, like those offered by EasyShed can provide an easy location that provides sun safety.


Ingredients and Equipment

There’s not much that you can’t chuck on a BBQ and grill up. Sausages, steaks, chicken, prawns and even fish are popular on the BBQ.  Think about marinating your meat. Acidic marinades that include fruit, citrus and alcohol should only be on your meat for two hours at the most. Other marinades and barbecue sauces can be left over night in the fridge.  

It’s a great idea to add some colour to your BBQ plate with vegetable skewers, mushrooms, and even fruit like pineapple and bananas.

When it comes to cooking, you need a pair of tongs and a spatula so you can cook your meat effectively. A handy idea is to use BBQ sheets which cover our grills, giving you a clean surface to cook on and then an easy clean up when you’re all done.

For most meats, you want a medium temperature. Too hot and you will get charred outside and raw middle, too cold and everyone will be waiting with empty stomachs! Hold your hand about 10 centimetres above the grill and see if you can hold it for 3-5 seconds. If it’s too hot or you can hold it longer, adjust the heat accordingly.



Once you’re done cooking, it can be tempting to drop the tongs and dig in, however cleaning your BBQ while its hot will make it easy and keep your BBQ in good condition. While still warm, scrape off any residue and baked on crumbs and clean the drip tray.

Once it’s cool, after you’ve enjoyed the feast, wash down the grill with some washing detergent then spray it with some cooking oil to prevent rust.


With these tips, take your BBQ skill to the next step and impress your friends and excite their tastebuds.

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