3 Most Breathtaking Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most highly-ranked tourist destinations all across the world. From charming lakes to historic cities and mountains to valleys, Switzerland is breathtakingly gorgeous as it looks like a set of a Hollywood movie. If you too are
booking Switzerland tour packages and looking for some fabulous places to add in your itinerary, you have come to the right page. For spectacular views and experiences, you practically can't go wrong anywhere in this country, but for what it's worth, here are my three top picks among the popular places in Switzerland.

Lake Lucerne

One of the most beautiful lakes that you must add in your
 itinerary is the Lake Lucerne. The city of Lucerne, nestled on the stunning blue shores of this oddly-shaped lake which is encircled by dense forest and high mountains. You can enjoy the beauty of Lake Lucerne in multiple ways. Take a 30-minute boat ride to the Burgenstock resort that takes visitors up the mountains to provide an unrivaled view of the lake. After taking in the amazing view, hike towards the Hammetschwand lift, the tallest outdoor elevator in Europe. You can also take an aerial cable car up to the Mt. Pilatus which offers another fantastic way to explore great views of Lake Lucerne from above.


The capital of Switzerland is also one of its most visually appealing cities. The cobblestone streets and stunning fountains make it a must-visit destination that nobody wants to miss when on a
Switzerland tour. Rising 328 feet high, the Gothic-style Protestant church to have a marvelous view of red-tiled roofs and mountains that surround the city. You can also climb 220 steps up the Bern to explore the stunning view of the city. You can also take a bus to the Rosengarten Restaurant to enjoy some authentic meals and to have a delightful city view.

Chillon Castle

A stunning castle on an island at the eastern end of Lake Geneva, with more than thousands of visitors per year, it's considered the most visited historic building in Switzerland. Stone walls, round towers, and a romantic setting are all you can explore at Chillon Castle. Inside the castle, you will find several recreations to lookout including the hall, grand bedroom, and cave stores. You will also find four great halls, three courtyards, and a series of bedrooms open to the public. One of the oldest is the Camera Domini, which was a room occupied by the Charles Emmanuel, the Duke of Savoy from 1580 to 1630, and is decorated with 14th Century medieval murals.

The Bottom Line

From alpine meadows to banks and mountains, Switzerland has many beauties to explore. If you too are planning to book Switzerland tour packages
 to enjoy a memorable trip with your family or friends, consider the must-visit tourist destinations mentioned in this blog to experience a mesmerizing holiday to cherish forever.

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