10 Secrets: How To Enjoy Italy & Save Money!

Most of you will ask a simple question: how can I explore Italy and return home with a full wallet? Answers can be really different. 
Some people cannot keep themselves from expensive hotels, luxury restaurants, costly attractions and unnecessary trinkets. 
And we’ll show you how to have fun and spend time with comfort while being in Italy.
Let’s find out how to plan your trip and keep a budget!


1. All of you know the fact that the best time to travel is not in summer when everyone hurries up to spend their vacation and enjoy the sun. 
It’s better to begin your trip not in national holidays or on weekends.

2. Italy is known not only for its capital and other popular destinations like Florence, Sicily, Pisa.
Try to explore the country by visiting places situated not in the downtown or which are just on the street like:

Fontana Contarini in Bergamo - made with marble and is surrounded by two sphinxes, snakes and lions which are the called to be symbols of Venice;
Giardini della Guastalla in Milan - a splendid park which is considered to be the oldest one in the city with a white granite pond;
Eye Love Rimini - the largest wheel in Italy from where you can see the whole city just from above. The best time is to visit in the evening and enjoy the colorful illumination.


3. Travel with your relatives or friends to share expenses. If you travel alone or with your sweetheart mind that you will pay for everything from your pocket, it is better to travel with a small group to save money.

4. Do not book a hotel if you do not know the price!
Be careful while making a booking and do it in advance, it is cheaper. Avoid the time during celebrations. 
You can also book a hostel in Italy for 20 Euro per night, Hotel Italia Palermo from 30 Euro per night, Hostal De L'Alguer – 14 Euro, Cagliari - Hostel Marina - 22 Euro, Agora Hostel Catania -16 Euro.

5. To have fun and see something exciting just for free visit different Festivals like Il Palio di Siena - Horse Racing during June-August, The Madonna Bruna festival with fireworks on July 2 in Matera, Venice Carnevale Costume Pictures on February-March.


6. To taste great meals visit Sweet Irene café in Bergamo for 10 Euro, the best ice cream and cocktails you can find in Gelateria Islanda Bologna for 3-6 Euro, the best pizza and sandwiches - in Pizza's Caffe', and take out service available in QualityPiad Rimini – just for 7 Euro.

7. Relax or have a walk at “spiaggia libera”, a free beach like Ostia Lido near Rome, or enjoy the beautiful architectural styles in Via del Corso Rome, Centro Storico Florence.


8. Do not sit at the hotel or hostel. Try to see as much places as you can.
You will regret if you miss the chance to explore Italy. Make a little investigation of your trip, and make a route of places you can visit.

9. Are you looking for presents and souvenirs? Do not buy everything you will see and like. Be patient and careful, as trinkets can cost you more than a whole trip! 
Go to markets, do not visit fashionable shops or boutiques. The most popular are outdoors markets which are held during festivals or events like Isolabona market in Liguria with old, antique staff - first Sunday of the month; Florence market in Tuscany - October 21-22, Cagliari market Sardinia - second Sunday of the month.


10. You will wonder how to spend less and see more interesting places. Just think how comfortable your own vehicle can be. No overcrowded buses, no need to learn the route of trams, hurry up to catch a taxi and pay €16.65 for 15km.

Go to any place and any time. Is it not a dream! You can spend 1.1L and near 1.80 Euro for the same distance if you rent a car
Only you decide what is better for you.

Have a colorful Italy trip!

Lily Berns is a travel writer and she likes to share interesting info about different places through her publications. She recommends using RentalCars24h, which helps to compare all major car rental companies throughout world to give you the best car rental deals

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