10 Mistakes You Should Never Do While Travelling

You always see lists dedicated to the best things to do while traveling today I want to share with you something else. I want you to get ready to avoid common mistakes to help you realize your best trip yet. I made a lot of errors and I want you to prevent doing yours so here it is my list made up of the 10 things not to do while traveling. Let’s get started.

1) Do not forget to bring your boarding pass

Even if you have it in a digital version on your smart phone, remember always to download and keep/print them before heading to the airport. Ps. don’t forget to print the one for the return trip too!

2) Do not forget to weigh your suitcases

Remember that each airline has its own requirements to board your bag with no extras! Weigh your suitcase and check the admitted size.

3) Do not change your money at the airport

This is one big fail I experienced myself. I know we all need some local currency changed in cash as soon as possible but my advice is to avoid as possible as you can. Otherwise, you should exchange just a little money and then proceed with a more significant amount once you are in the city center.

4) Do not rely too much on taxis and public transport

I have to tell you I am scheduling my itinerary based on public transport timeline and so on. This is the reason why I rely on car rental services to create the trip I want in a free, independent and cheap way.

5) Do not look for your car rental services without comparing

I learned that comparing is everything while choosing the best possible solution and same rules apply which looking for best & reliable car hire services for travel. I always use Holidayautos.com to have a complete overview of the best car rental deals and to customize what I need. It’s easy to book (even without using a credit card) and also fun to use. Highly recommended to have some high-quality service and save a lot of money.

6) Do not travel without a map

Having a map with you is fundamental! I never rely too much on my GPS as it abandoned me so many times! This is the reason why an old-fashioned paper map is always with me.

7) Do not travel with expired documents

You want to avoid bad surprise, right? Always bring valid documents with you like your passport and keep it handy to get ready to show them every time authorities will ask you to do so.

8) Do not stick with touristic paths

Even if touristic routes seem to be mandatory for a successful trip, you should entirely keep things authentic, exploring unusual places showing the real life and culture of the country you are visiting.

9) Do not go without a budget

Having a budget could be your best solution to spend money wisely and avoid unpleasant situations!

10) Do not dress uncomfortably

Everybody wants to feel stylish and beautiful but when you are traveling your number one priority is to stick with comfort. I usually rely on a versatile but essential outfit ready for every occasion!

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