Northeast News commented on Forrest Walker's blog post Tales of the Panama Parrot Vendor
"You've reminded me of the opening scene to "20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea" when Kirk Douglas sings "Got a whale of a tale to tell you, lads." And so he does."
Apr 29, 2013
Northeast News replied to Daniel Durazo's discussion Travel Agents Reveal Top Travel Picks for 2013 in PR/Marketing Forum
"I don't see how travel agents can pick Europe as the "most popular" destination. Most Americans don't even have passports and if they do it's mostly to visit beach destinations instead of going to Europe. Why on earth would the travel agents say…"
Feb 11, 2013
Northeast News commented on The Traveling Eye's blog post Timeshares: What You Wish You'd Known
"Lot of good advice here but the best comes last which is to rent, don't buy. I know several people who bought timeshares but couldn't find a buyer when they were ready to sell. Instead they only found hucksters who sold them ads with "guaranteed…"
Dec 9, 2012
Northeast News commented on Rita Payne's blog post VisitBritain Unveils New Strategy Plan
""VisitBritain’s upbeat tone contrasts sharply with a report this week by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (Alva) which says the UK’s top tourist attractions have had their worst summer for visitor figures in over a decade. According to…"
Oct 15, 2012
Northeast News commented on Sandra & John Scott's blog post Hershey, Pennsylvania's Historic Milton Hershey School
"Hershey also built nice homes for the chocolate factory's workers. "
Sep 20, 2012
Northeast News replied to maryann virack's discussion Is a Casino charter worth it? in USA Forum
"Thirty years ago, charters were more popular, so I took them several times. Sometimes it was fine, or was I too young for it to matter? Other times, the attendants were rude, the seats uncomfortable, and the food truly inedible. Worst of all, once I…"
Jul 21, 2012
Northeast News commented on Adventure Panorama Tours's blog post Mountain Climbing in Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya & Mount Elgon
"I've never climbed these mountains and now I probably can't. So here's my advice to you younger people: Do it while you can!"
May 22, 2012
Northeast News replied to Ed Wetschler's discussion America's Most Underrated Cities: What Do You Think? in Media Corner
"Most underrated cities? Good question. Ed, Cleveland should be on the list because the Cleveland Museum of Art, Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, Jacobs Field where the Indians play baseball, restaurants, and some of the building designs are worth the…"
May 22, 2012
Northeast News commented on Tania Payne's blog post Day 3: Kibera, Africa's Biggest Slum
Apr 22, 2012
Northeast News commented on Tania Payne's blog post Day 3: Kibera, Africa's Biggest Slum
"An important story because this is a traveler who reminds other travelers to see how real people live.  "
Apr 22, 2012
Northeast News commented on Kaleel Sakakeeny's blog post The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans Love
"Yes, it is contradictory, but you're right. Inwardly we still crave great service even if financial considerations sometimes prevent us from satsifying that craving."
Apr 22, 2012
Northeast News commented on Kaleel Sakakeeny's blog post The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans Love
"Kaleel I'm not saying that Americans care most about customer service. I'm saying that Purdue University's survey made that conclusion.   I'm saying that "these surveys do not reflect the way people behave in real life," like booking the cheapest…"
Apr 20, 2012
Northeast News commented on Kaleel Sakakeeny's blog post The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans Love
"Last week I read that Purdue University found that Americans care most about customer service when they travel. However, these surveys do not reflect the way people behave in real life, at least not with regard to airlines. U.S. Airways, Spirit…"
Apr 20, 2012
Northeast News commented on SmarterTravel's blog post Allegiant to Charge for Carry-on Bags
"Not only has Allegiant gone too far, but I can't figure out how it will enforce it. Will flight attendants go down the aisle and check every overhead bag for a special tag? And what about my trenchcoat: Must I stuff that under a seat? "
Apr 7, 2012
Northeast News left a comment on Air Travel/Airlines
"Purdue University's annual Airline Passenger Survey reports that the most important consideration to flyers today is customer service. But trips I've taken on planes where passengers chose the sardine can seats instead of paying a few dollars more…"
Apr 7, 2012
Northeast News left a comment on Hotels/Accommodation
"People will be able to book rooms and suites in Buckingham and Kensington palaces for the 2012 Olympics, says How does a conventional hotel compete against that? "
Mar 31, 2012

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