For centuries, Tra Que village has made a name for itself through its greenery, and now visitors are discovering it, as well. Lan Hieu finds out more.


The sweet aroma of Tra Que vegetables and herbs has spiced up the everyday meals of people in Hoi An - just 15 minutes away - for centuries with special dishes like Cao Lau, My Quang, Banh Xeo and many others (here you may learn about Hoi An).

Located roughly halfway up Vietnam's South China Sea, near the banks of the De Vong River, this quaint village is now home to nearly 200 households which engage in cultivating vegetables on a total area of 40 hectares.

According to old local farmers, Tra Que has been famous for its vast vegetable plantations for about 400 years. The first villagers here were all fishermen, but they soon discovered that the land here was very suitable for growing produce. With skills and experience, farmers here have been producing some of the country’s most celebrated greens, which have been become a trademark.

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