Europe's newest country packs a lot into a tiny package: historic sites; eco/adventure'; both laid-back countryside & lively café life; & a vibrant cultural mix where ethnic Albanian predominates.

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50 top attractions in Kosovo

I just came across this interesting video. The attractions here go by quickly, but it's a good starting point, and the very fact that there are 50 in this tiny country is a pretty good indicator that Kosovo offers a lot of bang for your travel buck - and especially for Europe, it's amazingly cheap to travel here!

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  • Take a look too at Todd's Wanderings for a sample of the incredible mountain scenery.
    Can't recommend Elizabeth highly enough for her access and knowledge of rural communities, history and architecture.
    We needless to say cover the politics and recent history of the region.
  • Hi David. Thanks for your enthusiasm! Pristina airport is pretty well-served. There are daily or twice-daily flights with Austrian Air to Vienna, British Airways run 4 flights a week (3 in winter), there are flights to Montenegro which make it easy to do a twin-centre visit. Regular flights to Budapest, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Istanbul, Swiss Air to Zurich and budget flights to Geneva with EasyJet and to Italy with Belle Air. And there are also options from Skopje in Macedonia - only an hour and a half journey from Pristina.
  • I'm fascinated by Kosovo, Elizabeth -- especially since it's largely fallen off the international radar since the crisis abated. I've had a look at your blog, and it's got some fascinating stuff. If you want to excerpt some posts for our Tripatini blog, I'm sure that will do a nice job of helping raise Kosovo's profile among our membership.

    I do have one question right off the bat: what's the airlift like? Through what cities can you fly into Pristina?
  • If you are interested in coming to Kosovo, I would love to help you get the most out of my favourite country. I speak Albanian and (less) Serbian and this beautiful, unexplored and surprising country is where I live, write, and run The Ideas Partnership NGO.

    Get in touch -
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