• That's very interesting, Nayaz; I didn't know about that visa change. It's also interesting that you have such fond memories of the trip in 1995. If I had been in your shoes, escorting 50 people, I would just remember being tired. But obviously, you really were impressed by Jordan. By the way, interesting post by another Tripatini member on the Jordan group. Looks like the numbers continue to rise. Good for them!
  • Hello Ed,

    In my opinion we will see increasing number of visitors to Jordan - tourists from India, not those seeking medical treatment. The fact that Indian citizens will now be granted a visa upon arrival, the opening up of a Jordan Tourism representative in the country and the efforts being made by them to promote tourism from this region will certainly add to the growing numbers.

    The travel trade is also being wooed by the tourism officials and many are being shown the ancient wonders of the world. I remember my first visit to Jordan in 1995 when i escorted about 50 travel agents from the US on a familiarization to Israel & Jordan. It was a trip i remember the most.

    Nayaz Noor CTC, DS
    Safir Tours Pvt. Ltd
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