Big Island's Volcanoes National Park shoutout in Top 10 USA Must-Visit National Parks

Many if not most countries of the world, of course, set aside choice pieces of territory to protect and often showcase precious natural environments. But thanks to its size and a conservationist ethos dating back to the mid-19th century (though these days being increasingly threatened), few countries offer the number and diversity of natural parks – state and national – as the United States of America, from “sea to shining sea”, as its national anthem poetically puts it. And its 400 national parks are particularly spectacular for all sorts of different reasons.

Furthermore, this coming month begins the summer “drive season” of family road trips. If you’re still looking for an extraordinary travel experience this summer, have a look at the ten stars below, in alphabetical order; keep in mind that limiting this list to ten is very tough indeed, meaning that other glorious parks you’ll have to browse here; what I’ve tried to do with this list is curate for a diversity of geography, experiences and landscapes.

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