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Perched squarely at the confluence of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound, Saybrook Point Inn and Spaisn't the first property to take advantage of this coveted location. Originally occupied by Native fishing encampments, the Pease Hotel was the first property built in 1870 to accommodate overnight visitors to Old SayBrook Point. Lasting until the 1950's, this historic gem was then replaced with Terra Mar Hotel featuring modern amenities expected by 20th century travelers. Then the Tagliatela family entered the scene in the late 1980s acquiring the property at a foreclosure auction. The SayBrook Point Inn & Spa you see today was built anew once again from the rubble of Terra Mar. Despite the continual evolution of properties situated here, the hotel's location remains timeless. “I think the most amazing thing about Saybrook Point Inn is that the scene in 1870 is largely unchanged,” says co-owner Stephen Tagliatela. “If you stood at any other river mouth in 1870, and then today, you would be very hard-pressed to recognize anything."

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