It's long, narrow, & pulchritudinous, from the wilds of Tierra del Fuego in the south up to the Atacama desert in the north. Other highlights: gracious coastal cities Valparaíso & Viña del Mar, happening capital Santiago, Polynesian Easter Island.
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Coveting the cuisine of Chile

Unfamiliar compared to many than other Latin American cuisines such as Mexican, Peruvian, and Cuban, Chilean cuisine has always been considered one of those that best blend the traditions of the Spaniards and the pre-Columbian people of the Americas, and drawing from the bounty of fertile agricultural lands, highlands, and thousands of kilometres of coastline. Here they call it sazón chilena (Chilean seasoning), and it imbues all of this country's most beloved dishes. Come with me on a tasty…

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Andacollo's Fiesta de la Virgen one of '4 of Latin America's Most Fascinating Festivals'

If you’re planning on choosing a holiday with a whole new sense of adventure, there seems to be a huge number of places still available to surprise - even shock and stun - the most jaded traveler. Yet while the temples of southeast Asia, vast canyons of North America, and unmistakable coastlines of Europe are all fantastic places to lose yourself for a week or two, one continent stands out from all the rest as a partygoer’s dream: Central and South America. We’ve all heard of the blowouts that…

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Chiloe, Chile's magical, mystical island

In the Chile Lakes Region on the south-central coast just under two hours by air from capital Santiago, lies the Chiloé Archipelago, its largest island one of this fascinating country's most fascinating destinations - a mix of wild nature and mountainous interior, pristine beaches, and distinctive architecture (including more than 150 historic wood churches) that's like taking a time machine back a century. And while cattle ranching, farming, and fishing still form the backbone of many…

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Atacama Desert/Torres del Paine cited in 'Romantic Valentine's Day Activities In/Near 26 Iberia Destinations'

Sure, going out for an intimate dinner à deux is pretty much everyone's default on this day for lovers. But to make Valentine's Day extra special, seek out an experience that will make it truly memorable for years to come. High and low, on land and water, laid-back and high-adrenaline; simple and elaborate; cheap and pricey - there's something here for every couple! read post

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  • Yes! I am. And Argentina.

    Any suggestions?


  • Hi!

    Anyone looking for PR in SouthAmerica (Chile)?

  • A travel journalist has a question about media contacts for Chile. To help, please click here. Thanks!
    CHILE - media contact at the Chilean tourist office?
    Does anyone know of a contact for travel writers at the Chilean tourist office?
  • In less than a week we'll be landing in Santiago for the start of our South American travels...check out what we'll be up to and please drop us a line if you'd like to connect! =)
  • I have just heard about the 'civil unrest' taking place in Patagonia. Apparently the National Government is planning to reduce subsidies for natural gas and people are up in arms about it (almost literally). It seems pretty chaotic right now and one of problems affecting tourists is that the protesters are intending to obstruct access to Torres del Paine in effort to 'get heard' by the government. There are strikes and many businesses have temporarily closed down. Is there anyone here who can provide first hand information?
  • A gay take on Santiago de Chile, now in the Tripatini blog.
  • A Tripatini member has a question about Chile... PLEASE CLICK HERE to help!
  • I just found out about a cool compilation of alternative indie music from Chilean artists, with profits going to help earthquake victims:
  • In case anyone's still looking for details, especially about travel to Chile, I've posted the latest info from the U.S. State Department, Turismo Chile, LAN Airlines and a local tour operator, as well as some post-quake photos showing, for a change, what's in GOOD condition in Santiago:
  • From what I have heard, there is a lot of infrastructure damage in the Central Region between Valparaiso and Concepcion particularly. Roads damaged around Santiago too. Santiago Airport has been slightly damaged and as of yesterday was supposed to be closed for 3 days at least. Other airports and ports are also closed. In Santiago the metro is not working either, naturally. Bridges and tunnels were worst affected. Yesterday electricity was intermittent. Internet access is better than phone service. I will be updating the situation on my facebook feed at as news comes in.
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