As a subtropical getaway, this sprawling archipelago includes some of the glitziest as well as the sleepiest offerings going. From Nassau, Freeport, and Paradise Island to the castaway Out Islands, you're sure to find your getaway here.
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Exuma Cays among Linda Cooper's 'Caribbean Dreaming' Travel Snapshots

“Bermuda, Bahama, come on, pretty mama...” The Caribbean has long been famed as an idyllic vacation hotspot, inspiring not only the Beach Boys but the entire world. It’s a region that never gets old, with more than 30 countries and territories spread across hundreds of islands, each with different cultures, jungles, cities/towns, and sugary sand beaches that vary from powdery white to shades of gray. I felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude with so much natural beauty constantly surrounding…

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New airlift/newish resort open Bimini further to the world

The Bahamas’ westernmost island group (made up of North Bimini, South Bimini, and several even tinier island such as East Bimini and Cat Cay), have been a favored getaway - especially from nearby South Florida (just 50 miles away) - since the early 20th century. Favored by the jet stream, with a population of barely 2,000, it very much conserves the flavor of the olde-tyme Caribbean of yore (yes, I know, the Bahamas aren't technically the Caribbean), and its clear, paradisiacal waters have been…

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