For some of us, part of the thrill of different shores is distinctive exteriors and interiors both cutting-edge and historic -- yes, build it, and they will come. What are the structures that strike you?

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4 outstanding examples of Chicago architecture

  If you've been to the Windy City, you've no doubt been wowed by downtown's highrises - with roots in rebuilding after the Great Chcago Fire of 1870. The design and engineering software company Bluebeam, and I just came across this video it posted last year about four Chicago iconic skyscrapers both old and new. It's a cool and relatively quick watch, check it out!    

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In the north of France, Lillle is 2020's World Design Capital

                                   Well, it's certainly been a bloody shambles of a year so far, eh? And who knows what awaits in the few weeks left to go. But at least some degree of travel is back, especially in and between countries in Europe. And today I'd like to talk about a destination in France that's rather off the usual tourist track. In the north of the country near the Belgian border, yet just an hour by train or road from both Iberia destinations Paris and Brussels, Lille…

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6 of India's top historic architectural marvels

India has been a land of rich history and heritage Some of the prominent religion of the world grew here. Powerful dynasties and clans rules India time to time and left their mark on the heart of the country. Right from Mughals to Rajputs, and British to French, Portuguese, and Dutch, India has witness a wide panorama of history that has left its mark on the country's architecture, and bequeathed it some truly stunning landmarks. Here are what I consider the top half dozen: read post

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Germany celebrates one century of Bauhaus architecture/design

In 1919, in the immediate wake of the devastation wrought by World War I, an architect named Walter Gropius, one of the pioneering maestros of modern architecture, founded an art school that combined fine arts with crafts and eventually architecture, with a minimalist approach to design that combined all of it with contemporary technology under the maxim "form follows function". Starting in eastern Germany - first in Dessau, then in Weimar, and finally a third school in Berlin - this school's…

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  • I'm a travel agent that specialises in Cape Dutch accommodation in the Cape Winelands. The beautiful historic buildings are now home to some of South Africa's finest and most exclusive hotels and country guest houses. There are many fine examples of impressive architecture dating back to the early settlers that are restored to their former glory with interiors designed the ultimate in luxury.

  • BIOMIMICRY SOUTH AFRICA and ECOTRAINING are joining forces to bring
    biomimicrytraining to field guides and other participants in South Africa. 


    Who should attend this Biomimicry workshop?

    Existing professional field guides and field guides in training and or interested parties

    Adventurous spirits looking for a learning holiday with a difference

    Tourists of all ages wanting an understanding of Africa's web of life and to gain a greater appreciation of the inspiring genius of nature

     Biomimicry and its relationship to new ideas and or answers to problems experienced in different professions opened my eyes to the myriad of applications related to structural engineering, Architecture and design.

    We spent four days in the bush as part of South African tourisms
    media tour with EcoTraining with Will Lawson, a naturalist appointed by
    Biomimicry South Africa to be the link between professionals and the intricacy
    found in nature.

    Essentially we were thought how to interpret the bush and to find answers to problems related to structural engineering, workflow design, Architecture and medical fields.


    Biomimicry on Safari (South Africa has become the second largest growth spot for Biomimicry after the US) I attached the course details related to Biomimicry to give you some insight into the 5 day Biomimicry Safari

    Some examples that will astound you and expand your horizons are:


    Termite mound;
     The termite is an essential part of every ecosystem in which it is found.
     It serves as nature's gardener; removing dead material and cycling
    nutrients in a complex system above and below the ground. Simply put, without
    them, the systems which they serve would collapse. Even though they are often
    found in extreme environments, they must maintain an internal temperature of around 87 degrees Fahrenheit. By opening and closing vents, chambers and tunnels in a complex subterranean network cool air is drawn in and warm, humid air is channelled out of a central chimney.  In Harare, Zimbabwe, Mick Pearse designed and built the Eastgate Centre.  The first building of its kind
    that used the time tested technique of the termites in order to cool 5,600 m² of retail space, 26,000 m² of office space and parking for 450 cars through entirely natural or 'passive' means.  The result; a building that uses 10%of the energy
    requirements of a building of similar character using conventional means.
    Portcullis House, Westminster, London, copied the flow mechanism to cool the
    offices opened in 2001 for 213 members of Parliament and staff.


    Shongololo Chair; This is the link for haldane martin and the shongololo chair;


    Haldane Martin is a contemporary furniture design company in South African, Cape Town. Haldane Martin is owner, director and designer of the company and has been working as an industrial designer for two decades.  He has whole
    hearted accepted natural models as thought provoking stimulus to his award
    winning portfolio.  One such design, inspired by the humble millipede is the Shongololo Couch.  Reminiscent of Ueli Bergers 1970's style, the fractal nature of the chair mimics that of the segmented millipede.  As the millipede grows, more segments develop to support and protect it's internal organs.  As such the couch serves to rethink the way in which interior spaces are used and is a flexible and adaptable as it's natural model.

    Contact EcoTraining at for more information or have a look at the website at


  • Canada's top seasonal fine dining restaurant, Rundles, will celebrate its 35th year in 2012.

    Rundles reopens on Friday, May 25th, and closes after services on Saturday, September 29th, 2012. 

    We are wheelchair accessible.  

    9012336670?profile=originalStratford, Ontario, Canada.

  • taj-mahal_001_s.jpgInterior & Exterior Architectural Photographer


    Architectural Photography in India by Architectural Photographer Surinder Singh : Interior & Exteri…
    Architectural Photography in India by Architectural Photographer Surinder Singh, Architectural Photographer, Architectural Photographer in India, Ind…
  • Downtown Salt Lake City’s major revitalization development project, City Creek Center, to be completed in March of 2012.  It's sustainable design features a fully retractable roof and a walkable urban mix of offices, residences and shops that will make SLC one of few cities in the nation with such a sophisticated level of mixed-use development at its core. The project will be completed in March 2012. Check out the virtual tour video!  Contact me for more.


    Key architectural and design features:

    * Full Retractable Glass Roof

    * Recreation of Historic City Creek, the iconic waterway that once coursed through the city. 
     *Water Features by WET Design

    * Pedestrian Skybridge, transparent but iconic, the glass walls of the bridge are etched with an artful, 3D-look leaf pattern that casts dappled shadows and evokes the natural setting.

    *Major Utah funding makes it a totally debt-free development – even in this economy.

  • Here's a quick vid of one of Frank Gehry's lovely titanium-clad structures, the Richard B. Fischer Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. For anyone into modern architecture, definitely worth a stop.


    Find more videos like this on Tripatini


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